Jules Verne ~Capt Nemo SALE~ at Paris Metro Couture!!

The Captain Nemo Collection is On Sale!
Special: Collector’s Intro Pricing of 450 L or less each
Sale Includes: Gowns, Boots, Shoes, Jewelry, Men’s Suit.
When: Now through August 31st
Where: Only in Paris Couture
Fits: Classic Avatars + Belleza, Maitreya (with Omega) and Slink Bodies
PMC LM Capt Nemo!

AMAZING! Go get yours!!!!!

Nemo’s Dinner Party! How divine!


Nemo’s Journey…. If it gets too rough take off the skirt!

In this video “The Elements” By Joseph Nussbaum JN Studios, I am wearing Capt. Nemo. At 4:22 you will see me.

This is such a truly fun collection and its perfect for all of our collectors!!

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