A Bento Mesh Head ~Second Life JUST GOT REAL!~

OK… I was watching Strawberry Singhs video review of this mesh head. It’s from Akeruka. I am really excited about the possibilities to come in the future with this because you will be able to make yourself look how you want or how you are used to from our base shapes we love. Within reason you will be able to use your sliders at least most of them to alter your face! (as the crowd cheers…) Although I love some of the features of the heads that are out now I really want to alter my mouth, nose and eyes and head shape a bit to have my classic look. My look was outdated but SO LOVED and I will be able to incorporate most of the facial features. So I have been looking up other peoples reviews and excitement to see what is happening out there. I have not gotten the head yet to play with but when I do I will blog my findings and success in trying to do what my theory is. Stay Tuned. I need more time to organize myself LOL.

You can download the Second Life Project Bento Viewer here download here otherwise you will not be able to see the Bento excitement at all.

For all the details you can get them from Strawberry Singh’s blog Here
What an awesome blog! Thanks Stawberry!

THANK YOU BENTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(I shot this image at LEA27 “Evre” by Tahiti Rae. Sept 5th – Dec. 31st
Evre LEA27 Landing Point) Will You Evre?

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  1. Kate Amdahl says:

    I got excited about that too, Amanda. When I first heard about Bento, I thought “Extra bones? That’s what they think we need? Great, now we’ll have the same old Second Life, except with creepy spider people.” Now that I realize it will lead to personalized mesh heads and naturally-moving wings, I’m much more excited!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Magick Thoughts by AmandaMagick (photographer, artist, blogger, PMC team) says:

      Yes and designers are just now starting to roll out Bento Mesh Heads!


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