Evre – are we everywhere …. at all times?

I am sharing this since I am proud people are starting to explore there! Thank you so much for blogging about Evre!!! it will take everyone all the way until Dec 31st to experience all it has to offer and the first clock to click is where all the research is and will keep you the most busy!!! Be sure to read all and click things! Most of all take pictures and blog it. Happy SL travels!

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Saturday, October 1st, I got some time for simploring again. I used the destination guide to select where to go and decided to visit Evre which is listed under art in the guide: “Time is everything or is it nothing at all? Experience Evre from Tahiti Rae and delve into the power of your mind, merging the paranormal and unexplained with new quantum physics. Evre step outside your dream…and walk right back into it? Maybe we exist everywhere, all the time. Travel through time and then out of it. Exhibit open through Dec. 31” (taken from destination guide about Evre).
That sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Upon landing on Evre I tried to figure out how this journey into time is done. There’re several boards at the landing point and one of them describes how to discover.

October 1st: Discovering Evre (1) October 1st: Discovering Evre (1)

It is quite simple. On the…

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  1. you know how I feel!!


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