The Original ~Ambrosia Dance Club of Second Life~

I am calling Ambrosia the original because it’s been around since Second Life’s dawn of time. It’s 10 years old on Dec 29th. You never know what is going to happen there but one thing is for sure, you are having a great time or a bad time. If you are having a bad time… yes it’s all your fault. The DJ’s are awesome and they talk a lot which is great because we are all real sitting here and real people talk. The dancers are great because they are trained ninja warriors with a quick button to press if you earned it and keep everyone safe. They also make great coffee so how can you go wrong?

I was visiting last night and sure wasn’t disappointed at all because the excitement was a griefer who spammed chat and threw particles everywhere… yeah take that all you VIPs that spam chat hurts. ha! But all kidding aside it takes all kinds to make a club run and you have to have the good with the bad right? For me the griefers are amusing because they can’t really do anything right? All kidding aside the story telling and great music from entertaining DJs and Dancers is what clubs in SL are all about and AEG has it DOWN.

Go visit.. Ambrosia

Everyone comes to visit even an Obama avatar. This avi was so great I just can’t do it justice but I did try. Everything will be A-OK! Who knows maybe the real Obama will relax like this in a weeks time!
ambrosiaobama(please click the images to see them larger). Thank you Albert Firegrave.

The AEG staff entertain how they wish and the VIPs do the same. How can you go wrong?
pepperPepper says “Come back now ya hear?”
Shop, Party, Repeat.

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I am also part of the team of Paris Metro Couture My SL is complete and many thank yous and hugs to Rose. Without who I have in my SL especially PMC I would not be where I am today.

I also Blog Evre LEA27 Evre LEA27 Landing Point and Open NOW, Pumpkin Town!!! PUMPKIN TOWN LM

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ENJOY!!! Gotta love Johnny Cash …

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