~You’re Invited!~ Freyja Merryman’s “Saturation” Exhibit of Fine Art


You are invited to attend the Gala Opening Party

Freyja Merryman’s “Saturation” Exhibit of Fine Art.

Curated by Sir Walter – Arts Director of Paris METRO Art Gallery (PMAG)

WHEN:    Saturday – November 12th, 2016

TIME:      2:00  pm SL Time

WHERE:   Paris METRO Art Gallery LITTLE VERSAILLES GARDEN                               

LIVE MUSIC: Luvofmusic ( Jazz, Acid Jazz Mellow, Lovesongs)

GIFT: The Artist Series Gown is Made in Honor of the Artist from PMC.

Paris Metro Art Gallery


::::::::Artist Bio::::::::

❀ ” I bring to you with reverent hands
the books of my numberless dreams.” ❀
~ W.B Yeats

My Real Life self was born in England and, after studying fine art and after a spell as a theatrical costumier, I became a professional illustrator, specialising in historical and children’s illustration.

Sometime in 2008 I tumbled down a rabbit hole into Second Life and became Freyja.
Since then, I’ve been fascinated by trying to recreate something of the enchantment and iconography of the myths and fairy story illustrations that have bewitched and influenced me since childhood, albeit sometimes a darker version.
The work you see here is illustrative, emotional, deeply personal, sometimes erotic, unashamedly romantic and draws on the stories of my Second Life. Stories of exploration, magic, love and loss.

:- sat·u·ra·tion \ˌsa-chə-ˈrā-shən\
1. The act of saturating or the state of being saturated. The act or result of making something very wet.
2. Vividness of hue; degree of difference from a gray of the same lightness or brightness. Also called intensity.

I’ve chosen to play on the definition of the word “saturation” to encapsulate two of my favourite reoccurring themes: colour and water.
I often find myself using the allegorical and transportive nature of water to reflect emotion. In a similar way, with the use of colour I hope to be able to convey, perhaps, an emotional and physical reaction. A visceral way to experience the stories I try to tell. I hope you enjoy them.

All my pictures are photographs taken in Second Life then painted and finished in Gimp.

An online gallery of current works can be seen at:
Freyja’s Flickr

Inworld galleries currently showing my work:

Artists 4 SL
East Gallery

Thanks so much for spending some time in my world!
❀ Namaste ❀

Freyja Merryman


(Please click the images to see them larger).

The artist series gown is made in honor of Freyja’s art from Paris Metro Couture.


Includes: system layers for your classic body and appliers of omega, slink, maitreya and belleza. All women are beautiful!


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❀❀❀On a more uplifting note… I have been nominated for Favorite Photographer in The Avi Choice Awards. If you would like to please go vote!!!! Here is voting page for the Arts Avi Choice of the Arts I am under the category of Favorite Photographer. Here is my Flickr for you to see more of my images.❀❀❀

❀❀❀ Also Paris Metro Art Gallery has been nominated for Avi Choice. Please go vote and also vote for all who you love! Avi Choice of the Arts ❀❀❀

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