❤I am a Blogger❤~the big picture~

I had a blog post up where I vented. It was a great vent if I do say so myself. I took it down because I sounded like a whiny little B*tch. I maintain the fact that if you have a blog you are a blogger and if you don’t have a blog then you are NOT a blogger. END OF. It’s that simple.

The big picture is… people do what they do. I do what I do. People take pictures in SL and share them. They can call themselves whatever they want to even if they are wrong and are happy being wrong wrong wrong wrong happy in their wrongness. I don’t judge.

I follow everyone and admire everyone for what they do. It’s not easy writing a great blog. Its not easy mastering photoshop. Hell its not easy taking a proper picture in SL while taking advantage of windlights and everything else Firestorm has to offer. Everyone has their own battles and needs questions answered. I just got my panties in a twist about people misusing the word “blogger” and that is my problem. Anyway, I took that post down because it wasn’t needed and if anyone was offended with my bluntness I am truly sorry. But I am being me and being real and honest and sharing and if anyone is offended or laughing at least maybe I am doing it right and writing a great blog huh?



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  1. Astra Hunt says:

    I read that other post and personally I didn’t see anything wrong with it. It didn’t come off as whiny or anything like that, at least not to me anyway. It was actually an informative and enlightening post. I haven’t even thought about the subject matter before but you are right, a blogger is someone who has a blog and posts in it.


    1. Magick Thoughts by AmandaMagick (photographer, artist, blogger, PMC team) says:

      Yeah… there are many who make pictures and post to Flickr and such and call themselves bloggers and they do not have a blog. There are some who have been blogging for years and know the difference but their personal opinion is that posting on Social media is blogging whether you have one or not. grrr. So for the rest of us who take time to blog and work hard at it we have others who claim to be bloggers just to have that title and know nothing about blogging and are asking questions about how to get exposure and views…. (smacks my face hard).


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