Welcome to a New Land ~EVRE Far Far Away~ ❤LEA27❤

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I went to go visit EVRE LEA27 to see the new memory Tah has built. Here are some words from her. As for from me, it truly is a step back in time where you can feel, breathe, see and almost taste how it must have been when our forefathers arrived at this new land.–Amanda


EVRE has yet another new memory at Far Far Away #5.

What was it like to arrive in a new land?  What did it sound like?  What did it feel like?  What was there to do?  But give.  Make folks feel at home, with a meal generated by your own hands and given to the only ones around you. Even when the winds were hauntingly powerful and blistery cold trying to keep you out of the fields.  You had no roots but were digging hard to make new ones.  And nothing would stop you.

Plymouth Rock…the rock hard foundation of a new beginning.  (RL texture of the real Plymouth Rock btw).

Thanksgiving. The first one.  Remember that past.  As your constant future.


Events coming soon….

Announcing soon the anticipated appearances of Julia Mossbridge, Ph.D. and get ready…are you sitting down….a visit from the indescribably intuitive expert on the subject of Psi, the one who has proven that humans can control matter on a photon level with our minds…. my personal favorite … Dr. Dean Radin, the chief scientist and director of IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences) founded by American astronaut Edgar Mitchell who walked on the moon. Dates forthcoming so stay tuned!.  Happy thanksgiving to all, every day.



Here are some images I have made of my travels… will you EVRE??????

Thanksgiving EVRE LM


(Please click the images to see them larger!)






While you visit this build please keep in mind to click the running people to take you back to the landing point. There are many many memories to visit so please take your time and take pictures and blog it and share it!!!!! immerse yourself! There is nothing else like this in SL.

1. The Landing Point is very important. (You MUST read) Evre LEA27 Landing Point
2. Don’t lose track of time because there are many clocks.
3. Don’t get lost in your mind too long. Find the runners.
4. Take lots of pictures everywhere you go to keep track and memories to share on the Flickr. Evre Flickr Page for you to share your images!

I have many more pictures to play with but I will let you all go and take your own! Feel free to blog your adventures without giving away the key points. Evre is something no one should miss and there is a wealth of research and knowledge as well as creative prowess. I would also like to share the Linden Endowment of the Arts Blog for you…. Please read this blog because it has so much more information than I have given since I was the “teaser.”

Evre Flickr Page for you to share your images!



Evre LEA27 Landing Point


❀❀❀❤Note: I have been nominated for Favorite Photographer in The Avi Choice Awards. If you would like to please go vote!!!! Here is the voting page for the Avi Choice of the Arts I am Amanda Magick under the category of Favorite Photographer. Here is my Flickr for you to see more of my images.❤❀❀❀

❀❀❀ Also Paris Metro Art Gallery has been nominated for Avi Choice. Please go vote and also vote for all who you love! Avi Choice of the Arts ❀❀❀



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