❤The FINAL Avi Choice Awards~GO VOTE!~❤

The time is upon us. The very last Avi Choice Awards is under way and this is your last chance to vote for who you love. To be a nominee in this event is special to me because I never thought I would be good enough for others to like what I do. I have always nominated and voted for everyone who I like. What everyone else does is such an inspiration for me and I have learned so much through the gentle push I get from Rose and all my friends, my artist friends and sisters and so I am grateful to you all. I really love to take pictures and illustrate what I see in my mind for my art and for my pictures for Paris Metro Couture as well as Pumpkin Town(who is nominated as well go vote), Lazuri, Evre LEA27 (thank you Tah for loving what I do! and is in the Destination Guide). All of these and more believe in me and you my followers Thank You!

I am nominated as Favorite Photographer in the very last Avi Choice. So this is a first for me and a last for me hahahaha!!!!

Voting will close on Nov 28th at 5pm SLT. Winners will be announced at the Avi Choice Awards Show on Dec 4th.

❀❀❀❤If you would like to please go vote!!!! Here is the voting page for the Avi Choice of the Arts I am Amanda Magick under the category of Favorite Photographer. Here is my Flickr for you to see more of my images.❤❀❀❀


❀❀❀ Also Paris Metro Art Gallery has been nominated for Avi Choice. Please go vote and also vote for all who you love! Avi Choice of the Arts❀❀❀

Paris Metro Couture has been my driving force the whole time. Thank You to the whole team because without you I would not be complete. Paris Metro Art Gallery has always shown support to the new and seasoned artists in Second Life and is determined to always put a foot forward in the art scene and keep it alive and a veteran of art galleries which is a beacon of goodness and generosity. Please go vote for this art gallery.

Thank You Everyone!
Please go vote for the last time.
Avi Choice of the Arts❀❀❀
:::: Great Gift with Appliers At TeleportHub ::::::
The “Wonder of You gown” in Blue with appliers for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and Omega is a gift at TeleportHubs sim only for a very limited time. You must wear the group tag to receive.

TeleportHubGroup: secondlife://app/group/0ceeb685-fd83-1c3d-1de6-16a72517f4f6/about

Black Friday Weekend Sale Page


This is a video I made awhile back for the Wonder of You gown.. enjoy!

Please stay tuned for news of the all new….

:::: Sydney City and Bondi Beach ::::::
Sydney City & Bondi Beach LM


Last year around this time I had an exhibit at Paris Metro Art Gallery that was a raging success! It made the Destination Guides Editors Picks! Thank You again to PMC and to Boris Twist for making this stunning video of the exhibit for me to remember it by!


❤❤❤❤If you enjoy my site please follow, share and comment!❤❤❤❤


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Paris METRO Couture on the Marketplace!!

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