December ❤Sweets❤ Advents of Madpea and Kittycats, AEG Backstage VIP Pass, Dutchie and ❤Paris Metro Couture❤

December is a hard month to get through whether its cold, wet, depressed, anxious, overwhelming and then you have the online world. I find its easier to get through if I narrow down my focus and concentrate on the little things and enjoy every thing. For example first thing in the morning if I feel like the day will be long I will meditate on the pretty lights and joyful tiny things. Pick up something shiny and relax with a cup of coffee. Do some chore or some cleaning then as a reward I will go in and open my 2 advent calendars to lift my spirits.
I have the Madpea Calendar which sits by my tree and the Kittycats Calendar which I have to go visit.


(please click the images to see them larger) This is the Madpea Calendar for me so far, glasses, suit, watch and tattoo.

madpeacalendar_001You can see the decor calendar next to my tree so I can open another drawer each day.

siadress_001This dress is from Kittycats advent.[hh] Sia dress. I am wearing the maitreya dress on my Belleza Isis body.

dutchie_003To my surprise I logged in and Dutchie sent me this Christmas gift of a laptop with poses! Also in this picture I am wearing a new sweater dress outfit which includes dress, boots, scarf and hat. You can get the “Snow Sweater Outfit” in a few holiday colors at Paris Metro Couture in Sydney City Australia! You will LOVE Sydney, go visit!

Another couple pictures I have worked on are these…. Get your Ambrosia VIP back stage group pass! You will not have to walk so far since you will have the LM right where you want to be. 400L gets you back stage VIP for all AEG clubs and grab your pretty Ambrosia necklace.
Avoid the Long walk through the mall at all Ambrosia Entertainment Group Clubs. For only 400 Lindens you get lifetime backstage access at Ambrosia, Rez, Grind, and CODE RED.
By wearing the Backstage Tag you can directly Teleport to the Special Private Voice Enabled VIP Rooms located just steps from the dance floor.
Backstage Pass VIPS get complimentary Necklaces from all clubs. Look for special announcements just for Backstage VIP members.


….::::::::::Ambrosia Entertainments Connections::::::::::….
AEGSL Facebook
AEG Website Check out the calendar for when you favorite DJs are playing.

starchildWith this image I was playing around and thought for a second… what about a lens flare? Well I put it on my avatars belly now she looks pregnant with a star child or something but she really isn’t hehe.


….::::::::::AmandaMagick’s connections are as follows::::::::::….

Magick Java Cafe Sydeny City Australia~new location
Gallerie D’Magick~new location~ 
Magick Thoughts Art Gallery at Miss Mischief ~new location~
Magick Thoughts SL Blog
Magick Thoughts SL Flickr
Magick Thoughts Facebook
Magick Thoughts Tumblr
Magick Thoughts Twitter
Magick Thoughts Instagram
Magick Thoughts YouTube
Magick Thoughts Google+

….::::::::::Paris Metro Couture’s connections are as follows::::::::::….

Paris METRO Art Gallery
Paris Metro Couture Main Store
Paris Metro Couture Sydney City Australia

New Renaissance Paris Metro Couture Galleria
Paris Metro Couture BoSL Store
PMC Facebook
PMC Flickr
Paris METRO Couture on the Marketplace!!

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I forgot to add this in… it’s the Madpea videos of each day in the Christmas Advent Calendar!

MadPea Games Website

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  1. Great post. Thx for sharing


    1. Magick Thoughts by AmandaMagick (photographer, artist, blogger, PMC team) says:

      thank you so much! I have added a video to the bottom I forgot to add… Have a great day!


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