❤Firestorms Maximum Complexity, Running Scripts and YOU!❤

How Much Max Complexity and Running Scripts Can We Have Before Crashing Where We Are At? Maximum Complexity and YOU!

I was out and about today and what to our wondering eyes should appear but an avatar with 8 tiny million max complexity. What?????????? An avatar with 8,124,907 max complexity. What???? blink blink blink…..

She had [133/144] running scripts, 7728 KB allowed memory size limit, 0.059813 ms of CPU time consumed. Needless to say my FPS was 9 standing near her. To make this even more astonishing and funny… her friend next to her had “NONE” yep zero.

(Please click the images to see them larger).


As you can see in this picture she is a jelly doll to me and to everyone else in Second Life unless others have their Max Complexity setting set to “No Limit” You can find that in 2 places…. Firestorms Preferences and Quick Preferences
screen-shot-2016-12-28-at-4-11-26-pmIn this pic mine is set 330.336 and when you slide that to “No Limit” you will see everyone. If you slide it down you turn others into Jelly Dolls. Great for crowded laggy areas LIKE HER FOR GODS SAKE!!! hahaha!!!!


To illustrate more on this matter I have come to 2 conclusions.

  1. I have no idea how much Max Complexity we need to crash a sim.
  2. Does Max Complexity really matter at this point? (Do we need to be aware of it and lower it and do we need to know it?)


Earlier my FPS (Frames Per Second) at home was 110 fps. That is wonderful and fast and means the sim is running well. In this next picture I was at 28.1 which is ok I guess and the Sims FPS under the Simulator was 45.0 which is normal and good.

Find that Statistics Menu here..

So as you can see when I was standing next that lady my FPS of 9 was really baaaaaad. LMAO. So the moral of this story is…..
eightmillioncomplexity_001BEWARE OF JEWELRY ESPECIALLY OLD JEWELRY. After you have copied the jewelry and sized to fit you take the sizing scripts out. I have no idea why she has so many in hers???? Also what were the scripts?? ha!

Here is a video about Jelly Dolls since its a new thing…


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