▽ Auto-reported by Facebook!! ▽

A new feature has rolled out from Facebook that is targeting our Second Life artwork. I am sure it is targeting the things it should be like porn and abuse and such but I think it is a weeee bit aggressive. In fact today a friend of mine who is moderator of an SL group on Facebook was banned for three days. It started like this….

nilliastickers-copyOriginally this image had no stickers.

This new auto-reporting feature detects violations and we think the violation is bare breasts and bare body parts. This violation alone would have given her a 24 hour ban. But Facebook went farther and asked her to take these next two images down for the same violation. She would not take them down and you can clearly see why….



Evidently these two are worthy of targeting right? No, I didn’t think so either and neither did she. So since she did not agree to take these down Facebook smacked her with a three day ban for violating terms of service. To make this even more weird, FB should be notifying the admins of groups about possible violations so the admin can then determine on their own if it is a violation. This is not happening at all. No notifications just immediate shutdown instead. I would think that problem alone would be a violation of their terms but I guess not. Here is the page from FB explaining what they are doing…

Woops I mean not doing. Auto-reported by Facebook

I know from personal experience that Facebook is auto-reporting even in “Secret” groups and I thought it was looking for key words because the post in question had nothing on it picture-wise but some text that used the word “slut.” So it seems unclear to me what exactly the auto-reporting bots are looking for. If we knew we could work around it couldn’t we?

What are your thoughts?



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