“Life is a Journey” by Elin Egoyan ~Paris Metro Art Gallery~

~~You are invited to attend the Gala Opening Party
Elin Egoyan’s “Life is a journey” Exhibit of Fine Art.~~
Curated by Sir Walter – Arts Director, Paris METRO Art Gallery
WHEN: Saturday – TODAY Jan. 21st, 2017
TIME: Begins Noon pm SL Time
12:00pm DJ Karensunshine (New Age music)
1:00pm Katiaportugal Genesis (Jazz music)
The Artist Series Gown for only 150 Linden (after the show full price)
Paris Metro Art Gallery and Little Versailles Garden LM


Exhibition: Life is a journey by Elin Egoyan

“I always find that life is like a certain road. A path you walk on from birth to death. While walking that path you constantly can choose which direction you go. But also you are sometimes forced to go a certain direction, if you like it or not. Because of things that happen with or around you your path can suddenly make curves or slips into a total different direction then you ever could have imagined.

Well I have passed some crossroads in the last few years. Crossroads that pushed me in a sad path, like the death of my Mom. She was old (93) and her time was there, but I stopped being a child from somebody and my path was now one of an ‘orphan’, what certainly was a weird feeling.:) But also crossroads that pointed me in a very happy direction, like my work that was more my hobby and finally the decision to stop working and get my head free for painting and being creative.

Finally there is the path to your inner self. Questioning yourself what for (peeeep) sake is the purpose and meaning of this stroll through Life. Is there any reason, or is life just a coincident?

We all are drifting on these Waves of Life and float with all that happen. Still there is one stable point in all this and that is YOU yourself, enjoying your own Journey of Life.” –Elin

Bio: Elin Egoyan

“My artistic life started about 30 years ago with a pencil, soft pastel crayon and my fingers as tools. Finally after a long time ignoring my desire to draw (teenagers are busy with far more ‘important’ things of course:)) I gave in and,… was lost! I really got the hang of it!

In pastel crayon I found soon satisfaction in making ethnical portraits. The challenge to make them almost photographic was high, and came out as I liked it. As example I took photos that triggered me. A look or expression in the faces or simply how someone sat or did was enough. I took what I found important and let out what was not essential.

But the smell of oil paint was calling and it did not take very long to change my direction. First oil paintings, but because of my impatience ( it takes sooooo long before oil paint is dry) I started soon after that with acryl paint.

Looking back I see that my subjects often expresses things of (my) life. Things where I keep on thinking about, a feeling or emotion. I try to tell that in bright and harmonious colors and painting with my intuition and inner emotion as guide, I let myself float with the motions and colors. Normally starting a painting and not knowing where it ends.

When I came to Second Life, one of my main goal was to have my own gallery and show what I made in RL. In those nearly 10 years I found so much satisfaction in being creative in more ways SL offers. The landscaping, the building,… the drive to make creations better and better.
So many ideas are whirling in my head, that I could wish that my days count 48 hours instead of 24 to get the time to realize all of them!” –Elin

Bailey Beach

The Artist Elin Egoyan Gown… stunning!
elinegoyangownPlease click the images to see them larger. (Picture taken at Angel Manor)


gallery_001 gallery_003




artistelinegoyanLazuri-Noor Mystic Infinity Choker is not included with the gown so please go to Lazuri. Picture taken at Angel Manor Lazuri LM


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