Luxe Box Inventory ~Not for Belleza Fashions~ pt. 2

Here is the second part of my “proving a point to myself.” All of my images here are of Luxe Box fashions that are NOT for Belleza at all. These are all Maitreya exclusive and Maitreya/Slink. You can refer to my previous blog post for all my heart felt rambling if you like because then it will make more sense to you. Luxe Box Inventory ~Not for Belleza Fashions~ pt. 1

As for this post, I still maintain that I LOVE Luxe Box and will continue to subscribe to it and even more so now I have the Maitreya Lara body. As I said before I held out for so long because I am stubborn and did not want to buy the Lara body because I LOVE Belleza. But I finally broke down and caved in and got it.

Now I will share with you a few more months of fashions I could not wear until now. I got tired last time with part 1 and only did May-July 2016. Please remember that all items are exclusive Fat Packs!!!!

So here we go……. (lets see how far I go this time hahaha!)

AUGUST 2016 hmm I stand corrected with this month. There were a ton of Belleza options these two are the only ones not Belleza.

aug ison cropped bomber_001 ISON: Cropped Bomber Jacket

aug teefy megan shortsTee*fy: Megan Shorts


SEPTEMBER 2016 …. Here the Belleza options are starting to go down again but still a few options 🙂 

sept foxes club dressFoxes: Club Dress

sept ison suede pantsISON: Suede Pants

sept teefy kaori petal shortsTee*fy: Kaori Petal Shorts

sept stories co scarlett topStories & Co. Scarlett Top

OCTOBER 2016 Now down even farther…. Very fun month though. I LOVE October!

oct foxes jacket braFoxes: Jacket-bra

oct ison gilded dressISON: Gilded Dress

oct jeune by rowne denim boiler suitJeune by Rowne Denim Boiler Suit

oct stories co adele topStorie & Co. Adele Top

oct teefy neve dressTee*fy: Neve Dress

I think I will stop here for now I am tired… Part of me wants to keep going though but I will end this post here. From here on out more than half to 3 quarters is just Maitreya and Slink. So fewer are Belleza as well. Please remember I am showcasing ONLY items that are NOT Belleza at all. Please stay tuned for part 3 🙂

LOVELY LOVELY DESIGNS. HAPPY LUXE BOX FUN! I still say GO FOR IT if you have not subscribed to Luxe Box yet!

Much Love,

FYI: Please get more information about Luxe Box in this original blog post I did last year! LUXE BOX IS COMING!!!



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9 Comments Add yours

  1. Vicky says:

    How much is one of these boxes to subscribe for?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Magick Thoughts by AmandaMagick (photographer, artist, blogger, PMC team) says:

      each month from the 1st-14th you join the Luxe Box Group and pay 1500L.


  2. How are designers picked to participate in the boxes? Can they choose to be in on this or invited? I watched the 1st of the unpacking videos I do not buy them, some had really cute stuff but not been enough motivation for me to purchase one more same same same.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Magick Thoughts by AmandaMagick (photographer, artist, blogger, PMC team) says:

      I think only they can answer that. The designers are permanent unless they need stand in for some reason.


  3. randyjw says:

    I agree with your choices! You know, the flamingo print looks familiar, like it might have been popular back in my days! 😃

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Magick Thoughts by AmandaMagick (photographer, artist, blogger, PMC team) says:

      Thanks Randy. I love things that are beautiful and interesting.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. randyjw says:

        ☺ I like the halter top with the crossed back. Ot’s an interesting design and the fabric has beautiful colors.


      2. Magick Thoughts by AmandaMagick (photographer, artist, blogger, PMC team) says:

        too true. I love the Luxe Box


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