Luxe Box Inventory ~Not for Belleza Fashions~Featuring Maitreya Series~pt. 4

This is the very last part of my Luxe Box series that is not for Belleza. I have proven my point lol I suppose, that over time the options for Belleza in the box have jumped up and down for the most part until the most recent “hiccup” of February 2017. This most recent box had 5 designers who catered to Maitreya/Slink and nothing else. This last box was my time to stomp my foot and say “it’s time to get the Maitreya body now!”

In these blogs on this topic I have documented from the very beginning of Luxe Box May 2016 up through right now and it was a huge endeavor. I was really into for pts 1 and 2 and then 3 was a little more feeling like work and now part 4 I have for you right here. Remind me next time not to blog something that spans almost a year all at once LMAO.

Ok so the month of January 2017 was nice for Belleza there were only 3 items not for Belleza.

January 2017

I am using the improved editor here… interesting….  I assume you click this tiled group to see the images?

Tee*fy: Gia Caged Skirt
Stories & Co. Chocker Knit Top
ISON: Front Zipper Skirt.

Ok So the last month of this series and the most recent is….

February 2017 (I thought there would be Valentines theme in there a little bit but .. nope)

This another tiled option I am trying so just click it or hover your mouse for the info on each item. There are 5 in this which mean in this month there was Empire Footwear and Blueberry only that was for Belleza. That in an of itself still makes buying Luxe Box worth it because these are all fatpacks and if you have Maitreya or Slink bodies as well … you are golden and can fully enjoy this subscription box!

So if you are still thinking about trying Luxe Box… I say DO IT!!!! Since the numbers jump up and down with what sizes there are its exciting and you can get all your info before hand as well. Do your homework a little right here…

Here is my very first LUXE BOX Blog with all the info you need. LUXE BOX INTRODUCTION.

I love Luxe Box and will still buy it even though this month Belleza options were tiny. We can only wish and hope that Belleza will be honored more in the coming boxes with our concern out there like it is. I hope my series of blogs will help in getting the word out that YES YOU NEED TO CHECK THE WEBSITE FOR DESIGNERS AND FILL OUT THE SURVEY ON WHAT YOU WANT AND WEAR!!!!!!!!

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  1. Moz Loordes says:

    I’ve enjoyed the series, thank you!


    1. wow thank you… I am done now too LOL well at least for that series until I think of something else lol .


  2. randyjw says:

    That was cool. Liked your YouTube (hello!). It was nice of you to walk it through. Love the B-52’s (saw them a couple of times); they’re a trip. Do you go to any places in your virtual life? Meet with friends? If so, where do you go? Have you been to Israel?


    1. Oh thats not me… in that video is not me. I suspect it Blueberry? Not sure though.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. randyjw says:

    Oh; thought it was you!

    Liked by 1 person

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