Pay Backs are a Bitch! ~Griefing the Griefer~ EPIC!

Seriously I had to read through this a couple times. Every few months I go and read one of her posts and I came across this one today. The Second Life Charity Industry -Griefing for Cancer.

Part of me says not to make this blog post because she needs no more exposure. But part of me says HELL YEAH I need to let my friends know so they are ready when she shows up. LOL.

Maybe its better to have your own light show/happening/art exhibit of terror/videos/art….. somewhere else so its YOUR SHOW instead of harassing others.
I mean don’t get me wrong… I can appreciate all artists and art in every form. But when I saw this I thought…. O.O I mean is it wrong of me to voice my opinion like this? I have edited this a few times because I am having 2nd thoughts but I feel like I should post it. I could have reblogged it but this is just as good.

I think my picture of myself flipping the bird here says it all…… LMAO

griefing the griefer
Please click the image to see it larger.

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One Comment Add yours

  1. SaveMe Oh says:

    As a lover of interaction I am so happy with this end to boring parties. Let the games begin!


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