Facets in Black ~stumbled upon vintage blog about Second Life and fashion!~

While I was researching windlight information I stumbled across a vintage blog from Second Life’s dawn of time. Soigne has some great information in her tabs and posts about the early days of SL, windlight information and the high fashion scene as well. It looks like the blog was abandoned in 2009.

I feel like I did when I found a tall stack of vintage Look Magazine in my high school art class everyone was using for art projects back in 1987. …. giggles….

Have fun with this and take mental notes too!
~~love Amanda

Soigné: Style in Second Life

I’ve been favouring a lot of black in my outfits lately, as it seems to suit this avatar, and there have been quite a few releases in black that merited more than a little attention.

This is what I wore for my rezday, and a few days prior whilst working on my last release. This is certainly overkill in a good way – I received a lot of compliments on these outfits, and they require only a few accessories to round out the look. The basis for all three is the top of the Arachne dress from the Last Call: Catwalk Collection, with the sleeves reduced. The Cecilia skirt may require a little bit of work to look right without the bottom prims, but I was very pleased by the result. The addition of the tilted hat, and indeed the outfit in the middle, was inspired by Christian Lacroix, though…

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  1. Moz Loordes says:

    Fascinating! Makes you wonder what happened to her.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. randyjw says:

    My avatar must make you guys cry… ☺


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