Paris METRO Couture ~Early Spring Gowns Sale + New Car Gift a Bugatti!~

I am shoveling snow today and feeling unaccomplished because it’s like a child, right behind me making me do it over again. I am so ready for spring… Paris Metro Couture has me covered and feeling much more spring like…. All of these are for Belleza, Omega, Maitreya, Slink and classic bodies…. no worries wondering if you can wear them. HAPPY SPRING TO ALL on such a terrible snow stormy day!

Enjoy Sydney City and Bondi Beach!!!

Rose says.. “Hoping the gift of a new car is not too hard to find!  In real life you can have a Bugatti for only 2 Million USD but Club33 is giving you one for free!”
Wear your Sydney City Membership for your new car.
PMC Sydney LM
It is outside the Paris METRO Couture Sydney City Store, about mid way in the sim

Announcing the beginning of our Spring 2017 Gowns.
Four beautifully sheer gowns in this years trend colors.
On exhibit in a Collector’s 450 Sale in Sydney City Only.
For one week only.
PMC Sydney LM

Please click the images to see them larger.

Never Go Away

Irish Dream

Crystal Palace Perry

Crystal Palace Greenery

Cherry Blossom


Join the Paris Metro Couture VIP Group!!

PMC Sydney
PMC Sydney City Men’s Store
PMC Paris
PMC The Emporia
PMC Tiki Rose
PMC Kimono Shop Paris
PMC Art Gallery at the Pour
Paris Metro Couture BoSL Store
PMC Facebook
PMC Flickr
Paris METRO Couture on the Marketplace!!


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. randyjw says:

    The gowns are beautiful. The white one teminds me of Erdem, and the purple palace one is lovely. Can anybody change the Bugatti to eggplant purple? Heh-heh!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you so much… Rose is the best in SL for skirts and appliers the textures are her own art as well as the designs with the layers. I think to be best in SL with 1 type of the 2 types of fashion in SL that really says something. Two types are Layers and flexi and Mesh. So when you mix the two you have Second Life Haute Couture seriously. Its mixing the vintage style with the modern and having it all work on the new mesh bodies…. no one else does that like Rose.


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