Windlight Update ~Magick Ambient Mellow~

I have not made a new windlight in ages and I had forgotten how fun it is to play with those settings and to make my own. A new windlight is coming soon but for now I decided to update an older one I use everyday. I am always putting this one on and toning it down because it is just a tad too bright so I am always pulling the sun slider down a little. So today I decided to edit this windlight and tone it down and save it. So here it is for you. Beware it is very bright but not too bright. I use it when I want to see really well and it has a slight pink in the sky as well. I use this windlight for most of my pictures and when I am editing things. Its great for seeing skin and clothing and for when you want a bright but happy WL for inside with pictures.

Download here: MagickAMBIENTmellow

Here you can see it

Please take note that I do use Advanced Lighting Model so if the lighting is odd turn the advanced lighting on.

This image was a playing on vintage with a light leak effect. We were just standing around but it suggests quite a lot 🙂 You can dream a story.

Here are some instructions on how to download them and add them to your SL and Firestorm Viewers:
After downloading them please copy them to your appropriate folder.
Close your viewer first. Then drop the xml files in the proper place. Here is Strawberry Singhs blog on how to do it. Strawberry Singh’s Tutorial on Windlight Settings


Magickal Purple Haze
Magickal Purple Passion
Magickal Evening
Magickal Garden
Magickal Zoom In
Magickal Enchanted Evening
Magickal Warm Winter Dusk
Magickal Autumn Dusk
Magickal Morning
Magickal Wonderland
Magickal Autumn2
Magickal Narnia’s Evening

Magickal Wedding
Magickal Notre Dame Use WITHOUT Advanced Lighting Model. Beautiful inside the Notre Dame Cathedral at the Paris sim!
Magickal Notre Dame 2 Use WITH Advanced Lighting Model

Magickal Sleeping Mermaid Use this one UNDER WATER!
Magickal Shore
Magickal Passion Reflection

I hope you are not afraid to trash my windlights if you don’t like them just keep what you do like. They are sort of a history of my exploring and maybe some mistakes. Feel free to edit them to your liking as well.

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Moz Loordes says:

    All Windlights gratefully received – thanks very much 🙂


    1. you are welcome… don’t feel bad if you don’t really like some of them 🙂 haha!!!


  2. Alexa says:

    Thank you. I’ve made a note to download tomorrow.


  3. these WLs were fun and some of them might suck. I have not made any new ones lately or saved any. I tend to make them for picture then not save lol. Feel free to trash them or keep them or alter I don’t really mind. It’s all about learning firestorm anyway.


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