~Niamh’s Journey of Dreams~ by CybeleMoon and CK Ballyhoo~ Storytelling in Second Life

TO ME IT’S AMAZING HOW WE CAN USE SECOND LIFE FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES AS WELL AS STORYTELLING. For example, I have gone and visited my friend Cybele’s art and storytelling at Niamh’s Journey of Dreams where she and CK have teamed together to create a world you can walk through and see and read. I have tried to do this justice with my pictures and I hope you enjoy them and go see this installation.

~Niamh’s Journey of Dreams~ by Cybelemoon and CK Ballyhoo LM

At the end of the blog I have included the Drax Files latest episode about Second Life and education. Its amazing to me how we can relax in SL with our avatar and our minds are more open to learning and education as well as creativity. My work in SL is proof of this as well. Please enjoy Cybele(The Dune Mouse) and CK Ballyhoo’s work.

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© CybeleMoon
(With permission to share)
Background of the Legend:

For any who do not know the legend and story of Oisin ( “O”sheen.” Ossian in Scottish) you can find many interpretations and tellings of the tale. This is just my own fable told from another perspective, that of Niamh (“Neev”). It is said Oisin himself was the son of a great chieftain and a fairy. While out hunting he came across the beautiful sidhe, Niamh, and fell in love. He went back with her on a white horse to the land of enchantment, Tir-na-nog, where they danced and feasted every night and lived happily. As happy as he was, at some point he became homesick for his friends and family and wanted to see them one last time. Niamh begged him not to go back but he was determined, so she gave him a horse and told him he must not dismount or set his foot down on the ground for if he did he would never be able to return. Back in the land of his birth he could not find his family or any of the familiar places and when the girth on his saddle broke he fell and accidentally set his foot down. At that moment the spell was broken and he became a very old man. He had not known that he had been away for more than 300 years. It is said that St.Patrick found and baptized him after hearing his story. Some tales state that Oisin did say that he would rather spend one day in fairyland than an eternity in heaven.

Morning of the Tuatha

Niamh the daughter of Manannan Mac Lir set out on a quest to find the Sacred Spring. As she followed the way deeper into the woodland, She became confused. She looked at the map her mother had made for her. So, was it right or left at the tree by the little stream? Something definitely was wrong and nothing looked familiar. Should she go back to the beginning?

Niamh’s Journey of Dreams LM

On the Artists ( I have taken from the notecard)

Cybele Moon (Hana Hoobinoo) or the Dune Mouse, and “not always here or there” maintains a wanderer’s life in both worlds.

Cybele loves the telling of tales. She is drawn to both history and myth. Much of it has a Gaelic flavour, like The Siren’s Bones”. She loves to travel and so “Tales of the Caravanserai” is based on travels through North Africa, and The Sacrifice of Smoke Jaguar is inspired by a journey through Central America.

“There is a traditional wholeheartedness in the way Cybele tells stories. Her characters have a strong moral significance, and the spirituality, the essence, is affecting and deep. Simple, captivating,- profound!-
-(Peter Nena of An African Anthology)
“Her own magical images and atmospheric artistry illustrate her tales.”

In real life she photographs both dreamy landscapes and old stones, sometimes using an infrared camera. Her photos have been sold in art shops and displayed in a museum gallery – as well as a few galleries in the virtual world.

“I have a mix of SL and RL in my photos. For me, there is only a fine line between a perception of reality and a vision, and so, as with all things my work is constantly changing and evolving.”

The Runes of the Gatekeeper’s Daughter

Cybelmoonstruck Flickr

Ceakay Ballyhoo (CK)
Ceakay Ballyhoo (CK) has been around SL for quite some time. In recent years she has shifted her focus from socializing to art. First as a photographer, later combining photographs with atmospheric builds. In 2016 she felt she was ready for a full installation and got a grant for a LEA sim. For six months people were able to roam around in her Watercolour Wander, completely built out of watercolour paintings and watercolour textures. Finally having developed her own style and a fairly unique tradesmark, ideas were flying around again soon. Having your own world to wander around in is very inspirational and highly addictive!

It led to the installation The Forest Beyond which was on display from January till March 2017 and now to this joint effort with CybeleMoon.

CK has an inworld gallery and an artwalk with collected art of fellow SL artists. Both can be reached by taking a tp from the Landing Point at Niamh’s Journey (UP).

Ceakay Ballyhoo’s Blog

CKB Art on the MP

Ceakay Ballyhoo’s Flickr

I believe SL has so much to offer in terms of creativity, education and our physical and mental health as well. Many people come into Second Life for so many different reasons including healing from illnesses in real life. Our minds need so much stimulation for our mental and physical health that I am a firm believer with proof from others as well as myself that YES THIS CAN HAPPEN WITH SECOND LIFE!

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  1. thank you so much Amanda for this wonderful post on our effort to bring the world of storytelling alive! We had great fun in doing it. I agree wholeheartedly in the educational aspect of Virtual Worlds and continue to be amazed by the art and creativity among the users.

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    1. Agreed. This immersive experience is wonderful for the mind and health as well as education. I love your art and storytelling so much I want to share as much as I can!

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