the validity of virtual photography ~My thoughts on Bergdorf Reports blog post. Please scroll and read it too!~

My personal opinion is that virtual art and photography are just as valid as real life art. I find that with my past history in real life with photography and classes and darkroom monitoring as well as fine arts…. the technical aspects of both virtual and real are essentially the same in many ways. With the exception of quick snapshots and those in their world are the same as well.

I find that in Second Life in order to take a technically superior picture you need to know several things.

1. where the cameral tools are in the Firestorm viewer or your viewer of choice and how to use ALL of them.

2. Mastering windlights and where to find them as well as making your own.

3. Learning how to use a pro projector system. I use the LUMIpro. That takes the pictures to a whole new level of professionalism. Mastering the light and manipulating it with color, direction, intensity and the creative tools in side the hud as well as poses.

4. Understanding poses and props as well as building your own sets if need be or just finding good locations where you can use your equipment in your viewer and inventory.

You see all of this is very much like everything involved in real life with photography and arts as well. In some ways I could go as far as saying that the technical and artistic aspects of everything involved inworld could very well be even harder than real life.

I have not even touched yet on the plain fact that you then should have some kind of Photoshop skills of some level even if only a little and if you have photoshop mastered to an advanced level as well…. what is stopping me from taking these skills to real life if I haven’t already?

Well, the only thing hindering is the topic of this blog post by Bergdorf I am sharing with you. The validity of virtual photography is a good question since many don’t understand it and employers certainly won’t unless they are SL residents as well.

~AmandaMagick (Magick Thoughts)

Please read this blog….
Source: the validity of virtual photography

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  1. The debate goes on!! I do agree that both can be forms of art. But just to play devil’s advocate here, in real life photos I do find that there is often a depth and detail that is not always present in screen shots – not to mention the physical endeavour involved also lol. And for me nothing can beat a real life portrait in depth of character and poignancy. But on saying that, I cannot deny the marvelous interpretations and creativity of virtual artists which is very similar to the art photography of real life. I am completely taken with the painterly fashion and the ability to present fantasy images in such poetic style. Yours are beautiful and imaginative!

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    1. thank you… yes the depth is a good point. For me thats where photoshop comes in. I know many have their own ways of doing things and I have my own as well. But… in real life you just can’t beat the awesome graphics and realism… can you! hahahahaha!

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  2. indeed!! 😀 – but a softly dreamy virtual scene can be very enchanting. Actually I strive for that in my real life photos as well!!!

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  3. PS: my sister is a real life painter and she feels that is somewhat superior to a photographic scene too lol!!

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