Photographs or Screenshots? ~My 2 cents~

To me in my mind whether real life or virtual world, art is art. It’s an expression of our imagination no matter how we illustrate it. THANK YOU to The Dune Mouse for this blog!

from the Dune Mouse, yours virtually

I’ve read some wonderful posts and comments recently on this topic (see below). It makes for a thought provoking and imaginative discussion.  I belong to a few groups on Flickr who do not allow any SL screenshots and I’ve listened to some angry diatribes as to how SL photographers have taken over Flickr groups. I admit the number of SL groups on Flickr is quite prodigious, but a few of them like Blue Moon Gallery and Kultivate Magazine will take both virtual and RL photos and I post to both. So for those who know me as the Dune Mouse on The Runes of the Gatekeeper’s Daughter and the few who might know me from one of the virtual galleries..

I admit rl photography is my passion. But…

Art imitates life? A woodland in SL and one out back of my rl home.

what constitutes art? I love portraits and was quite pleased with…

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  1. It’s great to keep a good topic alive and growing! Thanks Amanda!!

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  2. orijinalchris says:

    There are always ivory-tower/elitist oinks who want to build special little classifications/barriers around their elitism… photography is art/is photography, wherever it happens (:

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    1. I don’t think its about “elitism” at all. This has been an argument for a really long time and to each their own opinion 🙂 I figure if photography were not an art then it would not be classified and included in the art curriculum at college. It is already classified as art whether we like or or not. Modern day we are now in computer graphics/art where virtual worlds fit in and photography is even stronger in the art category via Photoshop which makes this old argument sort of dark ages.

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