Angels are sooo busy! ~Paris Metro Couture~ V in White Gown

What we don’t realize is that angels are very busy right now. Our world is in such a state of turmoil (I accidentally wrote Trumpoil). So many tragic things happening all over the world and who knows when it will stop. Humans are their own worst enemy and need watching over.

All of her angel family is so busy responding to the humans every need in their states of hopeless despair…. She doesn’t know where to start when she gets there… so she listens carefully for a minute on where to go…. who needs her right now?… will it be chaos?…. happiness?…. grief of loss?…. Adrianna will know soon what calls her.

Countless angels are on earth every minute of the day watching, comforting…. guiding…. Always silently listen, feel and see with your other senses. The senses we don’t use that are buried deep inside our minds. Find those senses then we will be closer to our full potential. Until then the angels are everywhere…. We are them…. if we were to see.

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Paris Metro Couture: V in White Gown! Get yours HERE!

This gown is sized for Belleza Bodies, TMP and Slink HG , Physique and your classic original mesh sizes XXS-L

I am wearing a jewelry set from Lazuri. Lazuri Mio. Its beautiful with a snake choker and bouquet hairpiece, bracelets and upper arm rings, earrings ….. I will do a close up a bit later showing everything… I didn’t want to detract from the gown too much because this Mio set is a SHOW STOPPER! Go see and get it here. Lazuri LM.

more detail…

Remember you are beautiful and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

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Lazuri Complete Set: Mio. Get it here!

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Lazuri complete set. Mio. Lazuri LM

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Moz Loordes says:

    Fascinating video! I do believe that people are saved from accidental death if they show spiritual promise.


    1. Well I don’t know really but I love to find things like this and hope its true 🙂


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