Magick Bright Evening ~Windlight For You!~

Do you ever hate the midnight WL setting when you are at a club or an event outside? Many dark places I go to I have issues with the midnight setting because all our faces and bodies are dark and select things in the area are set to bright when they are built so they light up like little beacons of angry get rid of me… lol.

This WL Magick Bright Evening I made I played with color, gamma, and haze. Now when you use this make sure to have your Advanced lighting turned on ok… These images I have moved the light source the moon.

Please click these images to see them bigger because you really NEED TO.

You must go to the Photo Tools window in Firestorm and go to the WL tab and drag that yellow slider to move your light source be it sun or moon in this case its moon. You will see what I mean. While you are in that window click on those tabs and see what they do… your pictures and SL will thank you LOL.


Another thing that bothers me with night time in sl is that when people built things in the past they would set parts or textures to bright. So now very chickenpox like you have bright bits and pieces all over your SL even bright hair and weird parts of primmy builds that make no sense. Sometimes this WL I made makes those things look better but if it doesn’t right away just move that yellow sun/moon time of day slider until you get the angle you want. Tada!

LOL. So without further ado… here is the WL for you. Midnight but BETTER!

Magick Bright Evening Download

On a mac after you download this you will need to do this…..

Open your Library
go to Application Support
go to Firestorm
go to User Settings
go to Windlight
go to Skies


Now when you open your firestorm it will be in your WL list. As for Windows Firestorm I have no idea I am a Mac user.

If you like do a search here in my blog for windlights and see my other posts for more windlights to play with. Some are good and some are bad so don’t feel bad if you hate something and trash it because thats ok. LOL trash away with them or just have fun.

One of my favorite songs LOL

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Moz Loordes says:

    Nice Windlight there, Amanda 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I like it a lot. Until I make a better one it will do.


  2. clever Amanda!! Excellent!


    1. thank you… I know I can do better I will play some more and post that later …. hehe

      Liked by 1 person

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