Phabolaois Stran

I always love to go find places to visit. Thank you Jeff for another wonderful blog full of juicy tidbits on a nice place for me to go see 🙂 Sharing this blog too ❤

Goodnight Photography

Ever found yourself with nothing to do on a Friday night?  Well that is what happened to me and while I was considering many different options, I suddenly realized I had not been exploring for a while and decided to venture out to see what there was to see and ended up at “Phabolaois Stran” located on the “Beck” sim.

The destination guide describes the sim as follows, “Phabolaois Stran is a mysterious rocky island in the middle of nowhere.Guarded by seagulls, only just a few shipwrecks and ruins tell of the island’s eventful past including invasion and occupation. And then there is the abandoned mansion that had been the refuge of Lord Gwynplane one century ago. Attentive explorers might even discover the secret entrance to the bizarre circus in the sky.”  I did not make it to the circus in the sky on this visit but plan on returning…

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