My Recent Expedition ~Elysion~

Upon landing at Elysion and waiting my usual painful rezzing time… (I have terrible internet and its mostly my fault I rez so slow). I could not believe my eyes as I turn around and take a look. I grabbed the useful teleport hud to wear and started on my journey.

Please click these images to see them larger!

You can view all these images in my Flickr Album 

Elysion LM

Every nook and cranny is beautiful and perfect to relax, explore and take pictures. Don’t forget to see the Luxe Girls perform if you get the chance too. I missed the recent show sadly but The Luxe Theatre is beautiful to see.

Happy exploring! I have in most cases used the WL on sim except for a few of my pictures where I used my own WL I made.

There is also a photo contest that has a couple days left to join!
2017 Summer at Elysion Photography Contest

(from the notecard & 750L to join the VIP group)
CONTEST DATE: August 5th – August 31st
Winners Will Be Announced on September 3rd.

▨ ONE entry per SL resident so place only your very best in the contest pool. You are permitted only one submission into the pool.
▨ Photos must be placed in the Elysion Photography Contest Flickr Pool in order to be considered.
SUBMISSION LINK —-» Elysion Contest Flickr Group

▨ Contestants MUST be a member of Elysion. *******Non Member Join Location
▨ Photo MUST be taking at Elysion (Les Reves Sim).
▨ All entries must be posted before the contest closing date August 31st. NO EXCEPTIONS.
▨ Photos can be raw (no post processing) or Post Processed ( Photoshop etc.)
▨ Props are welcome to rez’ed for use in the photos. Please make sure to wear your Elysion Tag in order to rez, and please make sure to pick
up your items when you are done with your photoshoot.
▨ Nudity, Adult Themed Photos are permitted and welcomed. Any style of photography is allowed. Landscape, Still Life, Portrait its all good!

▨ Please join the competition flickr group and post it in the contest pool:
Elysion Flickr Contest Group
*** PLEASE DO NOT SEND PHOTOS TO JUDGES IN WORLD *** Please make sure you are using this pool and NOT the main Elysion Flickr Pool. So we can keep track of entries. :):)
▨ You will need to have a flickr account in order to participate in this photo contest. If you have trouble adding photo to the pool please feel free to contact one of the judges/owner/management for assistance.
▨ Please include in the photo discription your USER NAME not your display name. So we can find you!

First Prize L$ 10,000 – And two gift memberships
Second Prize L$ 5,000 -And one gift memberships
Third Prize L$ 2,000

Judges – 􀀀 Syn Zane (syn.beresford) 􀀂 Luger Zane

Judges decision is final.
Creativity, Uniqueness are all considerations for choosing the winner!


Disqualification will occur if:
Late Entry is Made
Entry is not Posted in Contest Flickr Pool
Entry is Sent to us Inworld
Entry does not contain inworld USERNAME in flickr description. ( flickr names can be different, we need to know who’s owns the entry)

Should you have any questions regarding the 2017 Summer at Elysion Photography Contest please feel free to IM or notecard Syn Beresford or Luger Zane

Good Luck Everyone! Have Fun with this and get creative we cant wait to see your photos….:):):)


Elysion LM

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  1. Moz Loordes says:

    What a stunning place to visit 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I swear every time I turned around it was more beauty and interesting things to see. Definitely worth a visit for sure!! I agree Moz!!


  2. Wonder Photography work!!!


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