From Point A to Point WHAT?

When I was in college(25 yrs ago) learning graphic design and how our eyes wander down an advert, we were taught the S pattern. Our eyes start at the top of the document and wander down to the bottom in an S formation or a Z. I have over the years learned this to be true even now with how I set up my pictures in Second Life. The focal point and eye pattern down the picture is important. If we do not do this our mind wanders and gets lost and we lose interest completely. Then our brains go onto something else.

Lately I have found this to still be true even with a flickr feed or album post. For instance in my last blog Over The White Cliffs of Dover the first set of pictures are of the aerobatic performance. The pilots are the best in SL and I thought those pictures would get the most views out of sheer excitement and eye candy. In the blog it looks great having those put there first.
For instance in this picture of the spitfire pilots doing their air show, does your eye at least wiggle around the picture looking at the planes then the ground of the top of the cliffs where our picnic is? YES.

Ok so you can see here how our mind wanders. These pictures no matter how you look at them your eyes are following down the pictures in some way.

In the next set of pictures in the blog are the posing with pilots, lots of faces and avatars to look at. Those are interesting and nice too but don’t have the S or Z formation for our eyes and minds. But they are all very nice and draw us in by seeing peoples faces and smiles in 1940’s attire.

So the blog was a good one over all from and eye catching perspective. Until you notice my flickr feed. The flickr feed I have noticed over the years works with our brain differently and how our eyes move down the feed. Our eyes and brains are engaged for the first thing we see as being interesting. On my feed the portrait pictures with pilots are there first so our mind and eyes see them one after another….. then down to the plane pictures (the most exciting I think!) But by the time we get to seeing those plane pictures no matter how good they are or how our eyes move around them.. our brains are bored and done looking and no longer feel like clicking the favorites star.

For a fact in my flickr feed the pictures of the pilots and people have the most views and faves because we see them first and by the time we get to the plane pictures we no longer have any interest and are too lazy to even look nor hit the fave star.

Here is my flickr feed that will prove my point. Magick Thoughts Flickr

I have noticed this is how flickr works in general with how we look at everyones work. With Flickr if you want your images to be seen and faved, MAKE SURE to have your most interesting best work front and center as the first thing people see. They will surely be bored and lazy by the time they scroll down a little bit. It’s a proven fact.

This proves my point and helps make sense of the title of this blog hahaha!

“From Point A to Point WHAT?”


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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Moz Loordes says:

    Fascinating about the way we view photographs. Something to think about when setting up scenes 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t think about it too much actually. After awhile its instinct or sheer luck. But it is interesting how we all view images in Flickr. Eye catching is whats important and not posting too many images at once. People want immediate gratification and after about 3 or 4 images from the same person they get bored and move on. Doesn’t matter how awesome the art is, it’s too much for people to click that fave star sadly.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Moz Loordes says:

        Yes, you’re right, and that’s why I only ever post one image a day. If there’s more on a particular scene, I pick the best one and put that on Flickr. The rest will stay in the blog post.


      2. Right. Sometimes I forget and add a bunch but don’t put in any groups just to have them all in one place. But yeah it’s best to post fewer.


  2. Hey Amanda!! Great pics and on Flickr!! Unfortunately I had family obligations that day so I do hope she will do one more!! I have posted a couple on my Flickr too!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. PS I have pics of flyboys and spitfires in the family album I inherited!

    Liked by 1 person

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