Catwa Updates to 3.0 ~WOW!~

I didn’t realize there was an update to the mesh heads. I have Catwa Bento Kathy and saw my friends were updating so I went and got redelivery to check and see if the versions were different. YEP! It’s now 3.0 and I must say the update is a great one! The huds look different and the head itself is slightly better looking as well as the animations are much much better. Also I noticed in the folder there are some add ons like a tongue piercing… yeah I like that. The full face animations are so fun and my favorite is when my tongue licks my top lip. Thats down right sexy.

Catwas Bento Kathy head update to 3.0

In this picture I am wearing Paris Metro Couture’s Autumn outfit of a crop top sweater and thigh high boots with pants. Go get yours!!! So SEXY! The Autumn colors are beautiful.

Inviting you to preview our new Fall 2017 Lines in Sydney and Bondi Beach. (Soon more to come in Paris, France and our Satellites. The Fall 2017 Starter Collection includes Classic, Belleza, Maitreya, Omega and Slink appliers and mesh designs. Also, a beautiful new gown for our Paris METRO VIPS!
Paris METRO Couture in Sydney!

I want to make a video of the animations for the update but I can’t today. So you will have to go get redelivery and play around with it you will be amazed.

So here I will share Strawberry Singhs video 🙂 I knew I would think of something 🙂

~~~~~Paris Metro Couture’s Other Locations~~~~~
􀀁 Paris Metro Couture la Samaritaine Paris France
􀀁 Paris Metro Couture at Sydney Australia
􀀂 Paris Metro Couture The Renaissance
􀀃 Tiki Rose by Paris Metro Couture
􀀄 Paris Metro Couture Gentlemans Store Paris Eiffel Tower
􀀅 Paris Metro Couture Life Love Shop Paris Eiffel Tower
􀀈 Paris Metro Art Gallery at The Pour
􀀇 Paris Metro Art Gallery 2
􀀆 Bondi Beach Museum of Modern Art
􀀆 Paris Metro Couture MARKETPLACE!

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Denim Princess
You can get your Denim Princess Gown at the Sydney Paris METRO Couture.

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