The River of Shivers ~The Night Theater~ You Are Invited!

I just love The Night Theater and am looking forward these performances. Space is limited so please plan ahead and get your spot and show your support to the The Shadows Silhouette Dancers and The Night Theater. The Night Theaters performances are beautiful and wonderfully choreographed with attention to visual details… true candy for the soul.


Hi Guys! For anyone wanting to see the Night Theater Halloween show, you will need to plan ahead. Read below, it should be a great show! 🙂

The Shadows Silhouette Dancers & The Night Theater
are proud to present…
The River of Shivers!!

Come join us on a cruise along the River of Shivers, a boat ride along a frightening waterway into the unknown…

(A 50/50 collaboration with Aelva’s Night Theater and Shadow’s Shadows Silhouettes).

Space is very limited, only 24 spots per show. Contact Aelva Resident or Shadow Tarber to reserve your place. Shows will be held October 8, 14, 22, 28 at noon SLT. LM’s will be given at reservation.

I have blogged The Night Theatre in the past and you will see at the bottom of this blog if you scroll down the performance I went to. The Night Theatre is truly a MUST SEE! So get your reservations in folks!

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