A Bewitching You Visit to LEA 14 ~Raven’s Ruin Outside of Dover~

Once I get my pet pretties put back into their travel hat box I carefully step out onto the pavement. Haunted love is in the air and I can feel it as I step out of the carriage. The odd colored rain falls gently and I dash into the ruins as quick as I can.

The magic mirror is unsettling as I see a picture of myself when I walk in. It greets me kindly sensing I am there and so I ask it a question.
.::ღAmandaღ::.: Will I find what I seek here?
Magic Mirror whispers: Here, over here ….

As I look around and step away from the mirror the kind spirit asks me to feed the baby ravens. I feel bad because I never found anything for them to eat and I wanted to feed them.
Magic Mirror whispers: Goodbye. Visit again soon, it’s lonely here between worlds. But I’m only here sometimes. I’m mostly with my lover now. Please feed the baby ravens for me.

LM to Raven’s Ruins just outside of Dover ~LEA 14~

I am wearing the Bewitching You Gown from Paris METRO Couture and you can find it as well as many other Halloween costumes at the Bondi Beach location.

Wonderful Halloween Collections are in Bondi Beach this year!
-New Paris METRO Couture GIft
– Favorites Maiterya, Slink, Belleza,Omega Appliers and Men’s!!!
-The fun [satus Inc] Halloween Decor 2017 Collection

Paris METRO Couture LM at Bondi Beach

~~~~~Paris Metro Couture’s Other Locations~~~~~
􀀁 Paris Metro Couture la Samaritaine Paris France

􀀁 Paris Metro Couture at Sydney Australia
􀀂 Paris Metro Couture The Renaissance
􀀃 Tiki Rose by Paris Metro Couture
􀀄 Paris Metro Couture Gentlemans Store Paris Eiffel Tower
􀀅 Paris Metro Couture Life Love Shop Paris Eiffel Tower
􀀈 Paris Metro Art Gallery at The Pour
􀀇 Paris Metro Art Gallery 2
􀀆 Bondi Beach Museum of Modern Art
􀀆 Paris Metro Couture MARKETPLACE!

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Happy Halloween to all of our lovely friends and collectors!

Maybe you can find these creepy movies to watch!

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