Kiss of the Spider Woman ~Your Collectors GIFT only 500L!~Paris METRO Couture~

We have a gift for you on the 3rd floor of the Paris store by the stairs. Kiss of the Spider Woman is only 500L so please hurry it’s only for today! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

“I wish you each a fun and safe wonderful Halloween !
Today I would like to offer a preview of
A real life clothing store about Paris METRO Couture 🙂
I am attaching a discount code for 15% Paris METRO Couture VIP
Truly I do not expect you to purchase but would love your comments.
Also a new line fitting classic, Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and TMP is now in Paris
at collector’s wonderful prices.”—– Rose.
LM to your new gift!!

Here is your LM to get your gift! Hurry Hurry! and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

What is Halloween without the creepy crawly iggly wiggly creatures of the night? A Kiss of the Spider Woman is sure to delight!!!

The Kiss of the Spider Woman Gown. Appliers for Belleza, Maitreya, Slink and classic bodies and also the spider web. (The spiders are not included but can be found at The Season of the Witch event).


There are wonderful Halloween collections at the Bondi Beach Paris METRO Couture this year!

  • Plus a new Paris METRO Couture GIFT!
    “The Blood Widow” (Belleza, Omega, Maitreya, Slink and Classic!!)
Blood Widow Gown GIFT
VIP Gift The Blood Widow Gown


The Munster Car! You can buy this and drive it.
The Munsters Car is back by popular demand for you to purchase and drive!


Paris METRO Couture Halloween Shop at Bondi Beach

FYI: Hover your cursor over the vendors to see sizing info and mesh/classic body info! Also click all images to see them larger, don’t be scarrreeedddd.

~~~~~Paris Metro Couture’s Other Locations~~~~~
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􀀁 Paris Metro Couture at Sydney Australia
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􀀆 Bondi Beach Museum of Modern Art
􀀆 Paris Metro Couture MARKETPLACE!

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