My Existence in SL Sometimes is a WIP! ~Doh!!!!!!~

I love seeing WIPS. Everyone works so hard at what they do in SL. Even bloggers are posting early glimpses into what they are working on. It’s only because we are all proud of what we are doing for fun. Whatever it is.. we post to Facebook because we are proud. Everything is a lot of work especially if many different tools are used to finish it. I have been known to post a picture to FB then later on post a blog with the picture in it. Because it was posted to social media doesn’t really mean it’s a WIP either. It’s already finished. Some people say… “Whats the point of a blogger making WIPs?” I am not sure they are WIPs though. I think they are just the blogger posting because they finished it then blogging later. Whats the harm? When I see “Blog coming soon.” thats exciting for me. I am like… OK (waits for the blog). LOL.

*Sidenote: WIP means Work In Progress. There was a time when I asked what that meant LOL

As a matter of fact my existence in SL is a big WIP. I am a 6 yr old avatar and been around the block in SL so to speak. Every once in a while I have these noob moments, admit it you do too LOL. Like for instance yesterday… I can’t figure out why my new shoes are not going on right. They seemed to not be positioned onto my maitreya feet properly. You may be saying.. “Amanda you are a Belleza girl why are you wearing Maitreya????..” Well that is another rant I will get to later…. Anyway… my shoes were going on like this…

See what I mean? I was racking my brain and started looking at everything I was wearing to see how many items were attached to my right foot. Well nothing except my maitreya hud for some reason and I dont know why its on my foot and …. the shoe thats it. Racking my brain some more I go back to my list and look at all items I am wearing. FOOT SHAPER for the Belleza body. I have never had issues with different foot shapers and interchanging the mesh body ones. Never had an issue. Never paid any attention to the foot shaper because all it does is mess with the hover height of my avatar right? WRONG.

I switch between Belleza and Maitreya mesh bodies all the time (grumbles). NEVER had any issues with different foot shapers. So I think for a second and take off that Belleza foot shaper. Don’t need it anyway. Thats what the hover height is for anyway so I am not in the floor. TADAAAAAAAA! My shoes fit perfectly and that right shoe snapped right into place like it should.

Why does getting dressed have to be so hard?

Back to the Belleza girl issue. I have noticed recently there is a problem when wearing any Belleza mesh body. Since there is no update we have to wear Vista Bento or Slink Bento hands. Well in order to wear Vista Bento hands we have to put our arms to the Slink Fit option on the mesh body hud. That changes our arms to be like slink. So now…. anything made to fit Belleza arms half way down the forearm like Blueberry tops or anything that has a sleeve that hits right there… DOES NOT FIT. All these clothing items are rigged to fit the Belleza Fit arms because its a Belleza body. Didn’t see this problem coming. (rolls my eyes). Now before you say “Hey Amanda, use your mesh body hud and alpha your arms.”

Yeah nice try… I did already and the alpha spots don’t match up to do that.

BELLEZA DO YOU HEAR ME????? GIVE US A BENTO UPDATE BECAUSE WE CAN’T WEAR SHIRTS OK??? Thank You in advance from the bottom of my heart. Don’t mean to yell but come on!!! I am a loyal Belleza girl. I prefer Belleza skins and mesh bodies over all. Please give us some attention and give a bento update already. I have had to go to Maitreya out of necessity not betrayal. Let me repeat that.

I have had to go to Maitreya out of necessity NOT BETRAYAL. — (climbs down off of my soap box).

My noob moments are in fact valid learning experiences for all. I will take the shame so you don’t have to. LOL.

Back and Forth from SL to RL!!

Thank you Paris METRO VIPs you made it possible for us to have a new addition to the family, a store for real life !!!

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  1. Moz Loordes says:

    It’s unusual for a huge and popular brand like Belleza not to update, isn’t it? How annoying. I’m still waiting for the ADAM mesh body to get an update for Bento hands, it’s a long time coming and may never at this rate!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really is unusual especially since the new male mesh body Jake is bento. What is going on with Venus, Isis and Freya? It’s all one set of hands and feet for all. What’s the hold up? People want to design for these bodies as well… what’s the neglect?


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