New Flickr Groups Rules ~BAD BAD PANDA!!~

I think the Second Life community should be aware of the new Flickr groups rules. I just found out about them. BAD BAD PANDA!!!!!!!!!!! Flickr is trying to “help out” group owners and admins by cutting the amount of the groups you can add a picture to hoping to get rid of a phenomenon called “Photo Dumping.” They know how many groups we post pictures to and say that 99% of pictures in groups are posted to not more than 60 groups at a time.

Flickr is watching us.

Here is the link to the forum so you can see for yourself and tell them you hate it!!! Flickr Forum
Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 6.41.49 AM

So now premium members can post to 60 groups and free members can only post to 30 groups. So what does this mean to you? Here is what will happen from here on out….

  1. People won’t post their images to small groups.
  2. People will leave smaller groups
  3. There will be less exposure for your art.

Now I understand there are some people on flickr who are in thousands of groups and add their pictures to 700+ groups…. Me personally I don’t want to take the time to click that many anyway but still, if one wants to why can’t they?

The first thing I thought to do when I saw this was … “well I am going to weed through my groups and leave all the small ones so its easier for me to post to only 30 groups…” then I thought … “Oh hell NO!!! I am keeping all my groups I am in…. what will happen to my small group?”


You can join my small group in hopes to make it bigger and people will stay in it. I hope you do. What are your thoughts on this terrible groups change on Flickr?

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. an interesting phenomenon and you bring up some good points about smaller groups. I do find a lot of the SL groups quite indiscriminate in the multitudes of images submitted constantly and I do feel sorry for admins who wade through hundreds of pending submissions. I know there are some and it seems to be an SL phenomenon (as opposed to RL photo groups) who basically think the quality of their work is determined by the faves they’ve garnished from submitting to 200 or 300 groups. I kind of see both sides of the question.


    1. I find that it’s more effective to have more followers instead of how many groups you post to. How often do you go into a group to look? Also, If admins and owners don’t want to moderate their groups then they don’t need to have groups ya know? Also this shows me that flickr is watching us LOL since they seem to know how many we post to. That worries me a little too.

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  2. PS sometime the smaller groups are more about quality!


    1. Very true and also its the smaller groups who have issues with the Mods and Owners being mean and banning all the time.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. banning? and as for Flickr watching yikes lol. but I bet it was the moderators that might have complained. Forgive me for saying this though and exclude yourself of course and many others. SL almost took over Flickr and as someone who started out there posting my real life photos until more recently, I find it a vast virtual junkyard a lot of the time ha ha. I’m becoming a lot more discriminate as to which groups I do submit.


    1. Oh I agree with you! But then again this is happening to all the real life groups too and people mass dumping in those groups as well! This is wide spread displeasure on Flickr 🙂

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