The White Cliffs of Dover and Dover Town ~LEA 14~

The year is coming to an end but don’t fear, The White Cliffs of Dover & Dover Town won’t close down quietly. LEA 14 The White Cliffs of Dover has been a masterpiece among all the LEA builds this year in my opinion. The cliffs themselves have been a wonderful respite to me when I need some quiet contemplation as well as the beautiful Dover Town. There has been an air show of spitfire pilots and picnic all in vintage 1940’s style of WW2. But lets not forget what this build means to Tahiti Rae.

The beauty and emotion of a place for many many years, all portrayed in a song from Vera Lynn.

This build was made with this song in mind with hopes and dreams all in the face of adversity.

The White Cliffs of Dover is honored to have been on the Destination Guides Editors Picks as well as showcased in a video from SL Artist Designing Worlds. Not to mention most recently has had the honor of being featured in Maniera District Magazine.

Have no fear as The White Cliffs of Dover will not come down quietly at all! It will come down with a great BANG of an event at the end of December… PLEASE STAY TUNED!!!! If you have not experienced the LEA 14 White Cliffs of Dover NOW is your chance before it is no more. Linden Endowment For the Arts 14, The White Cliffs of Dover Landing Point LM.

(From Tah,)
It snowed in Dover!

The roads are really icy so be cautious! (advanced lighting only)
A blizzard is forecast just prior to Christmas!
The townspeople will be decorating more and more for the holidays.
Santa will come to town and have many gifts for those he sees there!
He’s thinking about trivia questions about the town, has a few mansions to give away to the winners!
But in this season of giving, if he sees you on the street, he may just come up to you and hand you an amazing mansion of your very own or something special for your home! He’s feeling quite generous this year, if you’re good, of course! So pack up the family and visit town often for the holidays!!


Dover Town LM

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