Open Access to Visit Our Home ~TODAY ONLY~ Love Never Fails


Isle of Magick Open Sim to Visit Today Only!

While I have been decorating and terraforming our sim with Jodies help it has become so beautiful with winter ethereal dreams. We have decided to open it up to the public for today only 12-17-17 for the entire day and evening. Once it is closed down only the art gallery and Magick Lounge will still be public all the time as always. But since we have built it up so beautifully I thought wouldn’t it be nice to share it all with you for a day? If you are looking for beautiful winter this is the place.

Visit The Isle of Magick

Note: If you would like to visit for pictures find me inworld and we can set you up with access for awhile 🙂 Look me up: amandamagick

Please click these to see them larger!!!!


  1. You may use the big stargate teleport rings to get around to the Lounge and Studio.
  2. Walking is worth the slowness.

  3. Yes you may take pictures

  4. Yes you may enjoy and look everywhere! HAVE FUN!

  5. THIS IS AN 18+ Sim. Preferably adult.

See You Soon!!!!

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