It’s Coming. The Towns People Know. ~LEA 14 The White Cliffs of Dover~

As the last few days approach, I take my last look over The White Cliffs of Dover LEA14. These white cliffs stand tall and majestic to remind us all of hope.

The problem with Second Life is that amazing builds such as these eventually sink into the SL sea. But we will never forget.

Merry Christmas

LEA14 Closing Events Schedule – December 2017
by Tahiti Rae

Details & LM for 2 Events (Dec 30 & 31) will be forthcoming

Dec 23-25 – Christmas lights everywhere! Random gifts handed to visitors in town or on cliffs
Dec 24 – All night, starting Midnight (SLT) Christmas Mass (Christmas Eve Night) in Dover at the Church
– Sit on pew CUSHION to sing!
Dec 25 – Christmas Day snow and music / open Mass all day
Dec 24-28 – Blizzard on and off!!, ice skating prime in center of town!
– Many scripts shut down in residents’ homes & businesses (seating, etc)
– Visitors check out of Dover Hotel (over the Red Club)
– Small shops stay open as long as possible for the holiday, but quietly pack boxes in the back room
– Details fade, valuables slip into safes and trunks
– Papers gotten in order.


****** IT’S COMING *** The townspeople know. ******

Dec 28 – LAST FULL DAY / NIGHT AT DOVER TOWN FOR PHOTOS (** Cliffs remain open )
Dec 29 – (p.m.) DOVER DISAPPEARS – Town of Dover folds back into a memory; **CLIFFS REMAIN OPEN

Dec 30 – At Dawn – Many recede deep into their homes or underground, minus one family member
– Birds quiet, sheep/livestock seek refuge, all lights are turned off
– But some head towards the Cliffs. No, many do.
Dec 30 – 2pm SLT – AT THE CLIFFS – Bluebirds FIGHT Over Dover – The Battle of Britain – Part I (entire squadron(s))
Dec 31 – 2pm SLT – AT THE CLIFFS – Bluebirds FIGHT Over Dover – The Battle of Britain – Part II (entire squadron(s))

***** Then…in Victory, Bluebirds FLY Over Dover! *****
Then animations will be raised to the cliffs edges – hug as many strangers as you can (bring camera lol)!!

We waited. And then we saw.

Dec 31 – 11:59pm SLT – The White Cliffs will quietly slip into the sea of our memories (SIM closes)


There is no joy without sadness. Even when life becomes bliss, found all you need, true love, it will be taken. Health and beauty, will be lost. Success and goals reached, age breaks them down. In this life, it’s all temporary. In the medieval days, religion is what carried people through this fact, their lives even shorter. In modern days, it may be denial that keeps us going. But in the early to mid 20th century, it was hope.

This SIM was built for you about that hope. The hope you feel deep inside. Yes, we put some of our healthiest young on the front lines, but the reason, they themselves believed, was worth fighting for. And so many volunteered. For centuries, The White Cliffs of Dover stood tall as a warning gate to hell. Then as a beacon to home. They remained throughout, although crumbling a bit in a few places. They never wavered. They are not temporary. So they gave so many … hope. But folks, it’s not the cliffs that are great.

It is the human being.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting and reminding us of our amazing humanity.
I will see you in the next world. ~ Tah

LEA 14- The White Cliffs of Dover by Tahiti Rae LANDING POINT
LEA 14- The White Cliffs of Dover by Tahiti Rae THE CLIFFS
LEA 14- The White Cliffs of Dover by Tahiti Rae DOVER TOWN

The LAST Look Over The White Cliffs of Dover
My last look over the White Cliffs of Dover. Events scheduled for the last few days until it comes down and sinks into the SL sea.

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  1. I know I haven’t been logging in a lot lately due to rl but will definitely pop in today!! A great concept and sim! Blessings of the season Amanda!


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