Farewell White Cliffs of Dover LEA14

Thank You CybeleMoon for such a wonderful blog about the closing of LEA14 The White Cliffs of Dover! These are such lovely pictures and thank you for linking to me! You are such a great friend and artist. Everyone please read her blog at the end of this post!!

I am sad to see the cliffs go since Zimp did such a wonderful job making them. They were the size of a full sim end to end. What an amazing build to behold! If you never got to go see them all you have to do is enter “The White Cliffs of Dover” into the search field on my blog and all the blogs will list there that I have written.

Tahiti Rae is a magnificent LEA builder and I am honored to blog for her! Please keep your eye out in the future for more imaginative dreams to be built!

Goodbye majestic white cliffs of Dover!
Love, AmandaMagick


by Tahiti Rae

Thank you to each of you who visited and/or contributed to The White Cliffs of Dover and made it a unique place to experience and a very precious memory! Luke Flywalker of SLAviationNetwork was kind enough to make this short video of the final battle all the while flying in the battle himself!

Enjoy, and see you in the next world!

via Farewell White Cliffs of Dover

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  1. wonderful video! Great images and a great experience! Thanks Amanda and thank you Tah!! Will look forward to the next time travel!

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