Yo! The Backdrop Drama is REAL!!!! YO!! ~Featuring Backdrop City and SL Secrets~

It’s come to my attention through many blogger sources, and a blog I frequent when I want to eat popcorn, that there is a drama that should NOT be an issue. I know that was a long sentence but I got the thought out all at once. Backdrop places have been around since SL’s dawn of time. These Backdrops were purchased and set up out of the kindness of the sim owners hearts for people to use. Years and years ago I went to one a few times when I was first starting to learn about setting up and using different things and basically just starting to be a noob picture taker. A photographer, artist, blogger I was certainly NOT. These Backdrop places did not profit from people that I can think of and they owned through purchasing all of the things available for residents of Second Life to use. It’s their sim and their stuff. No stealing involved to make a profit off of other creators hard work.

All of a sudden some creators, event owners and designers don’t have enough drama at the moment and have made a new drama. The Backdrop Drama of Second Life LIVES! The comments I am reading at this SL Secrets blog are epic! Usually I put the trash out with that blog but this thread of it is a real drama at the moment. There are also Vloggers talking about it.

As you can see Backdrop City by Miajolina is a nonprofit sim for enthusiast and bloggers alike to have a resource when needed. I call this FREE ADVERTISING for the creators who made these purchased items. But other drama filled people are calling it stealing and not wanting their bloggers to use that sim. All one has to do is click what they are using and get the creator link and go buy.. This is free advertising. It’s not hard to be an upstanding SL resident. No douchebaggery needed.

Flawless taken at Backdrop City and I used my LUMIpro. All links are in the blog.

With little effort I clicked the creator and then went to their Marketplace and found this photo booth I used in this picture at Backdrop City. Free Advertising!!! FOXCITY Photo Booth – Lux Set Fatpack

I also used my own LUMIpro marketplace LUMIpro blog. I bought and own. I was able to rez the lights and projector to take my picture. What is there not to love about Backdrop City? Just some bored haters stirring up drama thats all! For more credits where they are due so I don’t get backlash I am wearing Blueberry Ela. I am sure you have the LM for her inworld 🙂

Happy Picture Taking and eat your drama with chocolate chips!

SL always has drama and the blogging world is epic just saying! Just remember, people are good and kind and do things for you out of the kindness of their hearts to share with all. Why bite the hand that feeds you?

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