Cherished Bond/Club ESOTERIC Opening! ~Formerly Known as Creamy’s Spot~

ESOTERIC used to be Creamy’s Spot. New name same wonderful people, new beautiful location.

Creamy’s has been one of my favorite places in SL as long as I have been here and even longer. It’s been around for many years with a beautiful sim that had attention to every detail and wonderful performances and events. Well now it has changed names and moved. The new sim is just as amazing please hurry and join the group for free through this weekend. If you were a Creamys member already and you miss this weekend just ask Angel and you can still join/move over to this group without a new group fee. I am so excited to see the new set up! Creamy’s was the place for your lifestyle RP, hanging out, events and all your D/s needs. ESOTERIC is surely to be amazing!!

(from the notice….)

Dear All,
The land will be open for the public to explore until Monday when it will be closed for members only.
The group is open from now for you to join

copy and paste this group key in your chat

please invite your friends as the group will be closed to paid membership on Monday. All current Creamy’s members that have been unable to join before then will still be offered free me
And so it begins…..

Cherished Bond, formerly Creamy’s D/s, reopens it’s doors this weekend and You are cordially invited to celebrate with us!

Come explore the sim, discover new places to hang out, dance or cuddle with that special someone.

Within the sim, Club Esoteric will be the place to celebrate with us this Saturday, 27th January, from 11am.

DJ Angel: 11am – 1pm (80s tunes)
DJ Jamie: 1pm – 3pm (90s and Britpop tunes)
DJ Rommie: 3pm – 5pm (sexy times to be had)

Come party, bring champagne, friends and wear your dancing shoes!

Free group join this weekend only – on Monday group join fees apply.

~ESOTERIC~ landmark

See you there!!!!!!!

Beautiful Cherished Bond
Cherished Bond

This video is Creamy’s Spot .. but you get the picture from it for ~ESOTERIC~

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