Jam it all in the closet? ~Library Avatars~

I had this vision of cramming stuff into the closet and slamming the door shut before all explode onto the floor. I was going through my inventory the other day and scrolled all the way down to the end of it and opened up the Library. That library is what LL gave us when we started Second Life. It’s chock full of things including old and new starter avatars as well as building materials, textures and scrips. The old avatars are called “outfits.”

Unfortunately many of these things new day old avatars use for being a nuisance since they are probably an alt anyway. But people do start somewhere, don’t they? Even if they don’t use these things… I never did… they can alter the sliders on their system body and do something like this….. then go out grieving because they can…

a greifer who was reallyyyy tallllll

Have you ever clicked a link in someone’s profile and all of a sudden you are a tall grey rabbit? If you look in your library>clothing>Older Outfits, it’s in there with many other cool things too. Those avatars are called outfits.

Animal Rabbit
Animal Rabbit

Since I accidentally clicked on a link in someone’s profile, I decided to check out the library. Seems to me it was a link from there so I wanted to see if the rabbit was there and it was!

So next time you are sorting out your inventory take a look in there and try the stuff out. Don’t worry it won’t hurt you or compromise your account. That stuff is yours and you can not delete it anyway! Have Fun!!!

I know this is one of those blogs I do because something interests me for a couple seconds… LOL

You can slam the door shut on your closet or inventory but I suggest opening it slowly and seeing what you have 🙂

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