The Skin Fair 2018 – Soft Opening

I am really looking forward to this skin fair! One of the things I have been slacking on is getting a new skin. I am an old stick in the mud and like what I like and stick with it, but this time I want to try a whole bunch and pick some new ones. This skin fair is HUGE and will take a long time to see it all. I know Strawberry Singh did a video of it already so if you have the time to watch it that it’s a good thing to start with as well.
Please scroll down and read the Pale Girl Productions blog I am sharing.

Pale Girl Productions

2018 Skin Fair early access is now available! Brought to you by PaleGirl Productions and Exmachina!

Early access is now available for The Skin Fair! All you have to do is join one of the following inworld groups!

Please feel free to browse our updated shopping guide!

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