Winter of Enchantment by Skip Staheli

You are invited to the opening gala for Skip Staheli.
“Winter of Enchantment”


Paris METRO Art Gallery

Saturday, March 17th
12:00pm noon, slt Gallery Opens
1:00pm slt AleyKat (Jazz, Pop, Love Songs)
At Little Versailles Garden
Little Versailles Garden and Paris METRO Art Gallery LM

gallery wall, Skip Staheli

Skip Staheli’s Bio
I am Skip, from the Netherlands.. love to make pictures in Second Life…and started in August 2008 my photo studio in SL.. Photo Studio PURPLE COWS…., never thought it would be THIS busy! Wow.. I’m still surprised about the success and the fact that SL people really seem to love to have their pictures done in SL. And that they sometimes pick ME to do that.. did u looked around and saw all these huge talents here on SL and flickr.. it’s amazing!

First I started for fun making pics for friends and myself, but soon I got asked to make pics for friends of friends..and their friends etc 😉
So I decided to begin my own studio. I was really crazy busy, right from the beginning… And it simply never stopped.. I Create also a lot for designers in SL, and also covers for magazines etc… It’s all so fun to do!

a bit about the technics.. I mostly always shoot on green screen in my studio, cause I like to create the environment and theme etc in PS… I love to blend rl and sl textures…mixing all the time… I (still) don’t see myself as a pro at all or a superb artist…. I’m still and always learning and am always playing and trying stuff..It’s never good enough, always room for improvement…Most of the time I really do not know how I made a piece at the end lol… I just mess around. So don’t ask me to make the same piece again.. I simply can’t, seriously!

For my SL work I use now PS CS6 and plugins like FilterForge and Alien Skin, Nik Collection, Painter also adobe lightroom … I would be nowhere without my Wacom drawing tablet.. a lot of the work I draw by hand. In RL I follow since 5 years art classes, and I draw with pencils and charcoal.. If I wouldn’t have found out, through SL, how much fun and heart drawing is for me, I probably would also never learned about this creative side of me…

Well that’s a bit about me…don’t hesitate to ask me questions.. u can always drop me a notecard inworld or even better, email me.. or visit my flickr stream… I have most of my work since 2009 on it..


Hugs Skip

Paris Metro Couture gown/bodysuit in honor of the artist.
Skip Staheli Artist gown
Skip Staheli Artist Gown

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See You There!!! Little Versailles Garden and Paris METRO Art Gallery LM


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