Too Many WP Subscription Emails? ~Second Life Blog Subscriptions~ What You Can Do!

Recently, I went into my gmail account and noticed that my Social tab was too full. I was threatened by gmail that my cloud storage was too full and I would not be able to send or receive emails any longer, or I have to purchase more storage. So then I was on a mission to delete around 500k emails from WordPress blog subscriptions. Yeah, I let it go too long. My fault. I could clear it or start another email account. I was not going to start another email since this one is my real life and Second Life email. I use it for everything. Clearly, the problem was the subscription blogs sending me tons of emails a day. I will from now on pay more attention and delete far more often LOL. But since this is a problem for other people too I am making this blog so that you can now know how to clean up farrrrrr too many emails. I always thought gmail was unlimited but its not. I think half a million emails is like an abandoned account of some kind but mine was not LOL. Just neglected is all.

Ok, you can laugh now.

Do this first. Go into your WordPress blogging account. If you Don’t have the Admin Dashboard just do this and save the link. Here is mine, you just add /wp-admin/ to the end of your url like this…

The Admin Dashboard will look like this…

WP Admin Dashboard>Users>Personal Settings>Notification Settings>Reader Subscriptions>Tick BLOCK ALL EMAIL UPDATES FROM BLOGS YOU’RE FOLLOWING.
Also, Default Email Delivery>Never send email.

The page looks like this…

Then I had to go into my Social Tab in gmail and do a Search Query of this “before:2018/01/1 “  (you can make your own with your own date) without the quotes and then highlight all then, bulk highlight and delete/trash about a zillion times until the email was down to something that gmail will bulk trash. It took me hours.

Once I got the total emails in Social down to this I was able to do a larger bulk deletion but it took time still.
72,566 Select all>Select all 72,566 then trash it>Confirm Bulk Action.
Do that a few times. DONE.
Take Note: Go into Trash and Clear as well every now and then. (clearing trash takes time too please be patient).

I must say that this whole email thing is entirely my own fault but WP should not have the default set to automatically send emails either sooooo, yeah I am a little ticked at WP too. But I will take half the blame on this one for my own negligence.

Start your own WP blog.

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