Quick Tip: Tagging for Shelf Life ~Second Life Bloggers~

Tagging is important when sending out a blog. Although I have noticed that many Second Life Bloggers who tag their blogs have a zillion+ tags. I am sooooooo preocuppied and lazy to tag like that. This page I found gives me piece of mind that fewer is better. So the trick is to think of the most drawing alluring tags. hmmmmm. Ok so fewer is better so I will have to put on my thinking cap and do a few of the best ones to draw people in and have the posts featured in the WP reader. Thank You WP!!!


The Daily Post

Tagging? Again?!”

Well, yes — because nothing makes me sadder than finding a well-crafted post, only to scroll down to the bottom of the page and find that it’s badly tagged or — shudders! — untagged. (Ok, a few things make me sadder. But still.)

The reason for my sadness? I know that while I may have found the post and enjoyed it, many others — especially bloggers who rely on the WordPress.com Reader — won’t.

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Tagging is so important not only because it brings your site traffic (though that’s important for many, of course), but also because it can bring you the right kind of traffic. It connects you to people who are passionate about the…

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