The RAGE of Second Life people on Facebook

Sometimes I wonder what happens to people when they sit at their computer. We all have an internet persona and relax and say what we want to. But when does one take it too far? Why do we scrap everything we learned in kindergarten and say such awful things to virtual strangers? Would you say these things to someone in front of you face to face?

After reading this post on my FB feed, I felt abused even though it had nothing to do with me. Is this how we talk to the general public or “friends” on our feed? Seriously, since when is it ok to take this tone and exaggerate the gravity of the topic like saying, 8-10 groups, blah blah blah… Even with my huge list and all the SL groups I am in and all the photographers I know… I seriously doubt it was 8-10 a day anyway. Then, to threaten with randomly reporting your “SHIT?” SERIOUSLY DUDE. All this tells me is that he is NOT to be trusted. Also, I am willing to bet he is a good culprit to point the finger at for reporting in the past when you had no idea who or why would report your image… it was probably him being an asshat.

I scribbled out his name so he can’t come after me because I seriously think he would. But, I just wanted to point out this post as an example of what many people do to everyone behind the safety of their computer screen. People get into arguments on politics and pick fights on FB because they are jealous for one reason or another that others might be better at something than they are. But Facebook Groups are a touchy topic because the way they work is that they are designed as an organizing feature to make it easier for you to group together certain friends and converse with “them.” It is YOUR list of friends that YOU are grouping together for convenience of socially reaching out to them.

It is not malicious in any way whatsoever. You are not making a group to piss people off and spam them. Also, they have the tool right in front of them to LEAVE the group and to BAN any other invites to that group. YOU have the control here. Just LEAVE THE GROUP>ban the adds and get on with your life and BE QUIET. You do not have to write out a status like this and abuse everyone on your list. If I am considered a “snowflake” for my opinion on the matter so be it. I am walking the blizzard in right behind me. It’s high time people acted with common courtesy and good manners while on Facebook. We are not in kindergarten and are not in a high school popularity contest. Many of us in the Second Life community are older anyway in the 40s+ and higher age range. ACT LIKE IT.

This is my blog where I can write and share. I had this on my mind and wanted to bring it up here instead of yelling in a status update. If you have read this whole thing and agree with me… I appreciate it! hehe.

Anyway these are my thoughts and I will stick to them 🙂 But as I always say… keep your friends close and keep on doing what you do. When haters hate on you or blanket all and generally hate on everyone at once.. just remember… they can grab a ladder to climb to kiss your ass. LOL


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5 Comments Add yours

  1. orcaflotta says:

    Fuk courtesy and fuk politeness. Those are just hollow, vague ideas of spoiled romantics who have too much time at their hands to care about useless crap like that.
    But you’re right about the groups. It takes two to tango! Of course it’s enraging if you get thrown group invites at you when you enter certain sims BUUUT it takes two to tango, right? You still gotta actively click on [Join], don’t you? I routinely click on [Ignore] anything I get in foreign sims, be it groups or any other messages. And that’s it then. I can continue with living my life and do the stuff I came here for. Of course that sim or store or group or whatever haven’t earned any Gold Star with me and slided a bit down on my xmas list, since I guess I can join their boring group on my own free will whenever I feel the need to do so.
    No biggie.
    I just shake my pretty head and mumble something about ‘fukn fascist SL muppets’ … but I sure as hell won’t give them the honour of making a post about it.

    I don’t like Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft for example. I think these greedy bastards are not just making bad products but are downright dangerous for our human rights. And, yes, I blog about their sinister actions. Buut none of those evil corporations have forcefully made me buying into their fugly schemes, buying their products. So I leave it at that and only mention how bad they are in order to highlight the freedom that only Free and Open Source Software and GNU/Linux will give you. Apart from that I couldn’t care less about what OS you’re using. As long as they let me do my thing in peace and quiet all is okay.
    Keep on rocking in the free world!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right? Oh and please let’s not get me started on the net neutrality issue. Even though Congress voted yesterday to overturn the FCCs decision… Trump may still veto it. Then people won’t be hanging in SL and FB anymore because they won’t be able to afford the internet anymore LOLOL. Or their connection will be throttled and they won’t have the speed anymore to hang around online. We will have to wait and see what happens now. Groups in SL…. we don’t have enough space for them even as premium members. I am clearing my list often even as premium. I don’t mind the notifications when go to a sim just means I don’t have to search for the links. I always can click the “X.” Personally, I love Apple and respect Facebook but I can’t stand is Trump trying to undo EVERYTHING good that has been done already. Then again, time will tell on what happens next since the people really have no say and voting really doesn’t matter since the electoral college and other influences make the decision right around us anyway. Thanks for your long comment!! I appreciate the dialogue and participation 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. pariszsun says:

    Likes your comments, especially about trashing what we learned in kindergarten. But Vote anyway, a change is coming so keep our chins up!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I agree a change is coming. We need EVERYONE to go out and vote for sure. I see the kind of posts on FB everyday so I thought I would write about my thoughts. However it quickly drifted from Facebook too the internet and SL 😂 The first comment was opinionated like I am in a way 😂 Had to steer it back to SL people and Facebook.

      Liked by 1 person

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