Why I am not active on Sansar anymore

Well, my situation with Sansar is that it is not available for Mac users. There are many reasons for this I know but it is why I am not there yet. Maybe someday “if” I get a windows platform I will go in and see Sansar. We thought for a long time that Sansar would slow SL down and people would leave Second Life….. not happening. Sansar has a small userbase and Second Life is the cash cow still for Linden Labs. No worries about Second Life closing down. 🙂


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My friends and I, along with many others, log in Second Life just to connect with people from different parts of the world belonging to different classes of society. Although this very virtual world is focused on bettering the realities of people with physical and mental disabilities, it also gives others a chance to immerse themselves in the pixel perfection and forget their worries for a few.

Unfortunately, Sansar is not for everyone.

When I checked out Sansar for the first time, I found it was completely different from what I had expected it be. No, Sansar didn’t feel like a way improved version of Second Life but rather a world that was meant to be accessed only by the individuals who can financially afford all its requirements. That leaves out more than half of my Second Life friends on a tight budget and the blue collar workers and…

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  1. orcaflotta says:

    Yes Amanda, Sansar isn’t happening. For a multitude of reasons most of us had figured out as soon as we learned about it. Only people who couldn’t be bothered with reality, as so often, were the Lindens and a small handful of male gamers and geeks. 😦


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    1. Hey there LOL,
      I am glad you mentioned me as a famous blogger but let’s be real now…. I have to respond to this:

      ..”Just running Windows on your computer (which Amanda could easily do on her Mac) ain’t gonna cut it. She’d neeed a very powerful system with a good graphics card (rarely to be found on Macs), a VR headset and enough physical space in her computing environment to stumble and trip around in…”

      I will never put windows on my Mac and open it up to all the viruses and trojans and sneaky nasty shit that affects the windows platform only to now have that shit ruin my Mac. I do have a powerful Mac makes up for my crappy internet speed I am doomed with. My graphics are top notch and my computer is strong enough and amazing enough I could maybe launch a rocket for NASA. LOLOL. Well maybe that does not need a wicked computer… But my Mac is a good one.

      I am glad you pinged me and responded.. we are in the same boat with Macs and Linux for sure “ROCK ON!”


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