❤Sugar Free❤Diabetic Friends❤ ~Second Life and Real Life~

It is not always about making yourself fat. Sometimes it’s about genes and heredity. These days our society and the food and drug administration and agriculture are doing this to us. It seems like everything we eat has sugar hidden in it or corn syrup and/or way too much salt. We literally just about have no control what we put in our bodies if we are living a fast lifestyle and don’t have time to cook from scratch or can’t for various reasons. We need to slow down our lives and look at ALL labels. Omitting all sugars and syrups, all refined carbs and grains. All of these things turn to sugar and go through our liver. Our pancreas can’t keep up with the insulin need to handle all this. Insulin resistance is inevitable. So what are we supposed to do? Take back our lives and shop the perimeter of the store and really control what goes into our mouths. We need to stay away from things that are white like rice, white bread and white flour, sugar in all forms and stay away from fruit juices. Eat the fruit instead of drinking it and portion control. Did you know that one serving of bread is one slice?

This group on Facebook I made is for all (Second Life and Real Life) who are interested in changing their lives and having friends to help each other. It has people I know from Second Life and Real Life so I thought I would share it here too so you can help yourself and we can all help each other.

JOIN ❤Sugar Free❤Diabetic Friends❤

I figure if we all focus on this and give each other support we can overcome the hardship and get used to living the best we can.

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    1. Thank YOu so much!!!!!! This is important to me and I think for many people.


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