Tips and Tricks for Second Life ❤Editing Appearance❤

I think when we start Second Life the first real task we have to master is editing our appearance. Then of course walking but figuring out our appearance is always first. Over the course of my (6 years 8 months; 2444 days) I have learned a few things that prove very useful and one of them I am sharing with you today I bet you didn’t even know….. I mean I didn’t until last week when Rose told me about it. So I looked up in my preferences and found it.

Drumroll please………

Trick Number One
You don’t have to stand like a scarecrow while in editing appearance mode. Really? I have thought about that over the years and wondered why I could not edit my boobs or my butt while at a club in front of everyone without them even knowing. But low and behold… YOU CAN. Thanks Rose!!!

Here is what you do. (I am in Firestorm)

Go to your Preferences>Move & View>View>Go to Automatically pose avatar during (select one or more)>Unclick Appearance and Add Additional Lighting.
Refer to the image below.

If you followed these simple instructions you will now notice that when you right click your avatar and go into edit appearance that you avatar remains dancing or animating from your AO or whatever you happen to be doing at the time. No one will know you are even messing with your big butt.

Trick Number Two
Do you need to grab a HUD quickly because you forgot to wear it while saving your outfit and you need to change the garments texture? I have been in this situation many times and took too much time finding the item then getting the hud. I hate making people wait for me. Here is what you do.

I want to change the texture on my skirt.

Go to Appearance and click on the Wearing Tab.
Find your item, mine is the Blueberry Catrine skirt.
Right click>Show Original


When you click Show Original you will be taken straight to your items folder. WALAAA! YAY! Grab your HUD.


Now you can edit what you are wearing in the blink of an eye and edit your shape while no one knows while out in public … LOL.

You are most welcome (laughs). I learn things eventually and if they are really cooooool I will share with you! Come back and visit my blog often and you won’t be disappointed.


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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Rosalie's World says:

    I knew about the second tip but the first one I had no idea! And that’s really neat! Because I’m always fiddling with my shape lol!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I KNOW RIGHT? I really think people are liking this tip a lot! thanks so much for commenting!!!


    1. 🌺Thank you so much Blogging Hub. People are really digging these cool tips and tricks 🌺


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