Tips and Tricks for Second Life ❤New Windlight❤ Magick Summer Beach

While I was out enjoying the summer in Second Life I decided to make a new windlight. Most of my windlights tend to have a bit of a warm or pinkish tone. I need to veer off of that but I love it so much. So here is another warm slightly pink and blue windlight which is perfect for the beach. You will need to use your advanced lighting as well as with all my other windlights. If you want to visit this beach here is the LM: Surfer’s Bay

I am going to show you two images, one is the original snapshot and the second is the photoshopped one. As you will see with the edited one I tried not to alter the coloring of the windlight but I wanted a dreamy feel.

Surfer’s Bay on a lovely day.

Here is the original picture where you can see the WL for what it is. I think it’s really pretty and you will see that when you have an avatar in the picture it will do the skin lovely justice. But I couldn’t help myself, I wanted the picture to make you feel like you are there. Maybe it makes you feel like you are dreaming or looking through squinted eyes? None the less, this altered version tells a story. If you want to know a brief rundown of the steps I took in Photoshop to get this feel I think I can do in a couple sentences for you. But you will have to look in your Filters Drop Down Menu to get to where you need to be.

Looking through squinting eyes I saw a girl on the water. She surfs better than me.

Photoshop>Top Filter Menu
Camera Raw: Bring Clarity down and Contrast ever so slightly up, Detail tab: bring luminance way up and detail.
Lense Correction: Custom, Vignette up to lighten as much as you want, Geometric Distortion bring that up a bit to curve the picture.

With Camera Raw and Lense Correction, you can really do subtle things that make all the difference. Maybe one day I will do an editing video or live edit. But really these couple things are really fast to do. You will also see that I have removed a couple of the floaties from the picture. I think the picture has better composition now.

So if you want this windlight you can download it from here….. Magick Summer Beach~AmandaMagicks Box

Here is a tutorial from Strawberry Singh on how to put the windlights into your viewer. Strawberry Singh Tutorial

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