InWorldz Needs Our Help and WILL NOT Let the Ship Sink!! ~The PayPal Crisis~ SAVE INWORLDZ!~(UPDATE!!)

Due to negligence, rudeness and terrible red-tape from PayPal… InWorldz is in trouble. Here is a link to all the details. The State of InWorldz Well it looks to me like InWorldz will now be shutting down for good if serious funds are not met to clear up a cash flow crisis caused by PayPal. The link I have shared with you is a gruesome reality that was caused by a negligent misunderstanding. Please read that link!

The word is out about the non customer service from PayPal – InWorldz is planning to close on Friday due to PayPal forcing a cashflow crisis.

The owner of InWorldz is trying to save this closure by running a “gofundme” campaign to raise the money it needs to unlock the accounts and money that PayPal has locked up on them.

They have already raised 1/2 the required $17k they need in the first 12 hours.

If you love InWorldz and all it has offered you please….. Go visit the GoFundMe link below. We cannot let the ship sink!

InWorldz gofundme

Land of Lar - InWorldz Grid
I found The Land of Lar a few years back when I was new to InWorldz and decided to sim search. This one image does not do the sim justice at all since I cannot pan up to the sky as well. My avatar is on the ground in the grass very tiny. You can’t see me and I can’t either. This massive build is biggest best I have ever seen in Second Life or InWorldz combined. All this will be gone according to the state of InWorldz and negligent PayPal. LM: hop://

Honestly, I completely understand how many residents love InWorldz and will suffer great loss if it closes down. Can you imagine? Can you imagine the same happening to Second Life?? What if you were a resident of InWorldz instead of SL? How would you handle this?
The State of InWorldz
InWorldz gofundme

If you are lover of InWorldz PLEASE GET THE WORD OUT!

Here is an update in the comments of the gofundme page. It turns out that InWorldz is closing down anyway. If you have donated to save InWorldz you have the option to take your donation back. Some people are not happy about the world reopening as something else and not saving InWorldz.
Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 3.11.23 PM


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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Cybele Moon says:

    oh wow Amanda, this sounds like a huge financial fiasco all around. It makes me think of the added vulnerabilities of trying to make a living within a pixel world. First you need financial backing and then you need to create a cash flow in the world.Have people lost a lot financially there? I don’t know who the owner of this world is but it sounds like it had already ran into financial difficulties and not sure Pay Pal is only to blame. Has it closed for good?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. When I have concrete info I will share here. But as far as I know its gone now. I feel bad for all people who had so much to lose.


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