Magick Went Ginger

For a while now I have been looking for a fair skin with freckles that I like. I have had a ginger look in my mind for a long time with fair skin, freckles, ginger hair and mysterious beautiful look. I had Anne Rice vampires in mind Maharet and Mehare but I have already been told by my friend Tah that my avatar looks a bit like Barbra Streisand with her beautiful lips and fair complexion. I said to Tah… “WOW yeah!” I LOVE Barbra! So you know what…. my avi now is modeled after a young modern Barbra. Thank You Tah!! Second Life is an amazing place full of imagination just like this song I am sharing…. I also agree with what Barbra says about our environment and needing to close our eyes and imagine…. I only wish we would all do something about it… Our president sure won’t.

AmandaMagick’s new look. Who do you think she looks like? What fictional character or real life person does she look like?

Here are my style credits. The only thing I am not sharing with you is my shape. It’s custom by me and it’s mine! LOL.

Izzies Cora Skin w/freckles
SU-Suicidal Unborn Luminous eye appliers
Tableau Vivant hair base
(Yummy) Serena Rings
Addams – Kendall Loose Shirt –
Cae :: Harper ::
TRUTH / Margarita
[Cynful] Neveah Bralette – Maitreya Lara

I love Barbra.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. How insane, so so talented 😍 stumbled across your blog by accident but love it! 🤗
    check out my blog if you’d like, , I’m new to this world and looking for people to support and gain support back to help each other grow 💕 xx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much! It’s time for me to make another post and I am so glad you found me for sure! Blogging is like a hobby for me and I have been on WP for 10 years. I will go check out your blog as soon as I can. Click the Follow button if you haven’t and I will follow you too.🌈🌹


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